Casa Perla is nested in the wonderful frame of Positano Town

Relax yourself!

What had been a sleepy fishing village is now a swanky destination popular with the jet set and common travelers alike. Positano is an almost impossible town, clutching the cliffs of Monti Lattari, a pastel-dabbled landscape that scrambles up the hillside from the Mediterranean Sea. It sits above the glittering gulf with views that sweep over the sea to the islands and coastal towns; it is itself a sight to see on its steep perch. Here, the "streets" take the form of passageways among the houses and steep sets of stairs that interlink the alleys. Only one road traverses the town - Viale Pasitea, where shops, cafes, hotels and villas huddle together to take advantage of the vehicular access and "wider" space. Other shops, eateries and coffee bars are tucked away in the lanes that you access by foot. 

Positano is an enticing town that enjoys perennial popularity because of its stunning location, stellar views and star power.

Casa Perla Positano
80067 Via Guglielmo Marconi 115, Positano
By Car

If you arrive by car, take the A3 to Salerno and continue on the highway until the Castellammare di Stabia exit. Take it and follow directions to Penisola Sorrentina up to SS163 that takes you to Positano.

Meeting point near the Restaurant C'era una Volta or Palazzo Marzoli
Please rent a small car, 'cause the roads are very narrow in Positano.It is very difficult to park on the road.
The price of parking in Positano is 8-9 EUR each hour.Casa Perla has an agreement with the parking Anna to EUR 30 per night.The car is withdrawn and returned near the house.

if you are driving from Rome,take the A1 highway ( autostrada ) towards Naples.
Road signs with directions for the autostrada in Italy are green.
Drive along A1 until it ends,ll the way until you find the toll booths in front of you,and then start following the directions for the A3 highway towards Salerno
CAREFUL A3 and A30 are not the same,even though they both go to Salerno
If you take A30 the drive will be a bit more complicated.
Be sure not to take A30( to take A30 you need to turn right on a ramp when you around Caserta .-don't do it,drive straight to the end of A1 and then follow the signs for A3 ).

If you departing from Naples,take the A3 highway from Naples towards Salerno.
Once you are on the A3 highway exit Castellamare di Stabia ( Castellamare for short )
Don't miss the exit or you will arrive to Salerno.
Once you have exited the highway,follow the signs for Sorrento and Costiera Sorrentina SS163. When you get to Sorrento follow signs for Positano -Amalfi

By Sea

During summer time you can reach Casa Perla arriving in Positano by hydrofoil or ferry  from Sorrento,Napoli,Salerno,Capri or Amalfi port.

From Naples Airport ( Capodichino ) to Naples harbor (Beverello): Shuttle service leaves every 10 minutes ( Alibus shuttle buses zip you from the airport to Naples Centrale train station/Piazza Garibaldi in 10 minutes,and then head to the port/Piazza Municipio for ferry to Capri , Sorrento and Positano( buses run daily 6,30-24,00 )
From Naples harbor in Positano, with stops in Capri: Search times on site Alilauro e Caremar; trying to combine with arrival and departure. Definitely not an inexpensive solution, total costs may reach around 40/50 € per person.

if you get by ferry to Positano from Beverello dock in Naples,Salerno,Capri  or Sorrento: Follow these instructions
From the Pier in Positano, you must go in Piazza dei Mulini.It takes 5 -10 minutes getting there.Before the main church there are about 30 steps, then an uphill street.
If you have heavy luggage you can ask transport the porters.
Phone number 089 875 310
They are on the pier and wear blue t-shirts
Along the way you can admire the beauty of the shops, , limoncello shop,the flowers, shops of Positano fashion clothes and the main church S.Maria Assunta
From piazza dei mulini you catch local bus with the inscription Interno -Positano and get off to the area Chiesa Nuova close to the tobacco shop


Positano - Capri 9,00 - 9,15 - 10,00 - 10,55 - 12,00 - 15,30 -16,25

Euro 18,90 per person one way +2,50 Capri tax

Capri -Positano 9,30 - 11,40 - 15,30 - 15,45 - 16,25 -17,15 - 17,30

Positano -Amalfi 10,00 - 11,10 -12,00 - 12,20 -13.30 - 15,30 -16.10 -17,00 17,15 17,45 18,30

Euro 8,00 per person one way

Amalfi - Positano 8,25 - 9,20 -10,30 - 11,30 -12,30 - 14,00 -15,00 -16,20 -16,35 -18,00

Positano - Salerno 10,00 - 12,00 -13,30 --15,30 --17,00 -18,30

Euro 12,00 per person one way

Salerno -Positano 8,40 -9,40 -10,40 -11,40 -14,10 -15,30

Positano -Sorrento 9,35 -12,00 - 15,40 -17,00

Euro 15,00 per person one way

Sorrento -Positano 8,35 -10,30 -15,00

Salerno - Positano Molo Manfredi 8,00 - 8,40

Positano - Salerno Molo Manfredi 17,15 - 17,45

Positano -Napoli ( Via capri ) 9,15 - 16,25 Euro 31,00 per person one -way


Departures from Positano and Amalfi for Capri daily from April to October

Rates info
Luggage surcharge: €2/luggage.
Discounts for groups, children, and residents.
Disembarking tax to Capri included (2,50 €).
Positano Jet Ferry
Length: 23 m
Capacity: 196 passengers
Speed: 25 knots
Inside cabin with air conditioning. Upper deck with awning, cafè, 2 bathrooms.
Available for private rentals, transfers, events, meetings, birthday parties, and wedding receptions.

POSITANO -CAPRI 10,25 -14:00 -17.00
CAPRI -POSITANO 11,15 - 15,10 -19,00

POSITANO -AMALFI O9:05 - 15:55 19:45
AMALFI -POSITANO 09:50 - 17:55 20:00

AMALFI -CAPRI 09:50 -17:55 ONE WAY PRICE E 21:00 + 2,50 CAPRI TAX
CAPRI -AMALFI 15:10 19:00 ONE WAY PRICE E 21:00 + 2,50 CAPRI TAX

By Plane


If you want a taxi from Naples airport to Positano

Taxi positano
Nicola (Nick)
Addr: Positano - Italy
Mob: +39 333 973 43 06

Naples International Airport Capodichino is located 7 Km northeast of the city centre ,is southern Italy's main airport It's served by a number of major airlines and low cost carriers,including easy Jet ,which operates flights to Naples from London.Paris,Berlin and several other European cities
( tel.081-789.6111 for operator,tel.081-848-888-777 for info,handy info desk just outside baggage claim,

From the Capodichino Airport in Naples you can either catch a bus that takes you to sorrento or catch a bus or taxi for the train station in downtown Naples
( Piazza Garibaldi ) .There are buses for Sorrento at the times:9,00,11,30 13,00 14,30 16,30,and 19,30 ( please note: schedule is subject to change without notice;please check for any changes ).You can be boarded directly outside Terminal 1. Tickets cost about €10 and can be purchased directly from the driver.  

From the Capodichino Airport in Naples you can either catch a bus or taxi for the train station in downtown Naples ( Piazza Garibaldi ) .By Alibus bus to the center of Naples, which leave from outside Terminal 1 and transport passengers to Naples Stazione Centrale (Piazza Garibaldi) railway station. Tickets cost about €4 and can be purchased directly from the driver. Once at the station, follow the signs for the Circumvesuviana, the local railway line located beneath the main station. From here you can catch trains which will take you to Sorrento in about an hour.


You will enjoy the ride from Naples Airport or Central Train Station(Piazza Garibaldi) to your accommodation in Positano or Praiano.

Rome Fiumicino or Rome Termini station to Positano or Praiano shuttle bus

Naples airport to POSITANO, shared transfer

If you'll be reaching Sorrento by bus follow these instructions: From Sorrento you can catch a bus for Amalfi.You will be able to board the bus at the train station.
You can buy bus ticket at most newsstands and Tabacchi stores,unless you alredy hold a valid ticket from your earlier train trip.Visit for detailson local transportation tickets.on the bus,ask the driver to stop you at Bar Internazionale In Positano.

in Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al Bar Internazionale,a Positano?
(Please,can you let us get off at Bar Internazionale ,in Positano?)

By Train

From the central station in Naples there are trains to Salerno. From there you can use buses to Positano or to the Amalfi Coast.Not recommended

From the central station in Naples there are trains to  Sorrento .It is highly recommended 

If you get by circumvesuviana train and sita bus To positano:

There are several Naples train station,but all trains coming into town stop at either Napoli Centrale or Garibaldi -which are essentially the same place,with Centrale on top of Garibaldi.Stretching in front of this station complex is the vast gritty Piazza Garibaldi.
centrale is the slick,modern main has a small TI ( near track 23),and ATM (Banco di Napoli near track 24),a bookstore(La feltrinelli,near track 24),and baggage check( deposito bagagli,near track 5).Pay WC are down the stairs acrosss from track 13.Shops and eateries are concentrated in the under ground level.
Garibaldi,at the lower level of the Centrale Station complex,is used exclusively by Circumvesuviana train ( TO use to connect to Sorrento or Pompei).

Inside the Station Piazza Garibaldi in Naples down below and take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento the trip takes one hour ( there are two types of tickets: the ticket for a single ride and the integrated ticket (TIC) also applies to bus and subway. If you plan to take other means of transport that ask at the ticket office.
The travel time between Naples and Sorrento is 1 hour and 10 minutes. The trains marked with the initials DD does not stop at all stations and arrive in Sorrento in 50 minutes.
The ticket from Naples to Sorrento currently costs 3 Euros and 60.
Sorrento is the last stop on the line.
The Circumvesuviana of Naples Piazza Garibaldi station is located on the lower level of the station, below the one where the high-speed trains arrive.
The Sorrento trains generally depart from platform 3, to access this binary there are no escalators or elevators. Attention to the message on the display that announce the incoming train to be sure to take the train to Sorrento, or else you risk finding yourself in Sarno! ( it's a single train track, look at the display)
At Sorrento station you will find instead the elevator. The station is at the center of Sorrento.
be careful on the train circumvesuviana in the trait Napoli - Pompei there may be pickpockets.Put the cell phone and the money in the pocket in front and keep the bag always close to you In Sorrento outside the circumvesuviana station you can catch a bus for Amalfi,you will be able to board the bus at the train station .You can buy bus tickets at most newsstand and, Tabacchi Stores, unless you already hold a valid ticket from your earlier trip. ( you can not buy the ticket on the sita bus, without a ticket you will takes a fine of 100 Euros)
On the bus,ask the driver to stop you at Bar Internazionale in Positano.The first stop in Positano CHIESA NUOVA AREA
( In Italiano.Per piacere,puo' farci scendere alla primaafermata di Positano Chiesa Nuova VICINO AL BAR INTERNAZIONALE)
( Please,can you let us get off at the first stop in Positano Chiesa Nuova close internazionale bar )

the sita bus times are not precise because of the roads narrow of the Amalfi coast and traffic .
If the sita buses are full the buses drivers do not stop and you stay down '. I recommend you be in advance at the bus stop

The ownwes michele or Fiorella will meet you at the Bar Internazionale ,in Positano along Via Marconi -the main coastal road,to show you the way to the house which is just 50 meters away.It is very important that you make a call or message at least 30 minutes in advance, when you take the bus bus from Sorrento.
Once you arrive in Positano,you will see a one way street that goes to the center of the village ,down towards the sea.The name of this road is Viale Pasitea,and it is really the main road of Positano where cars are allowed.At this intersection you will find Bar Internazionale,on your left.we are sure that you will have a great time at Casa Perla.

An Alternative: Continue on to Salerno
The Freccia Rossa TAV trains go as far as Salerno. You can get off there and take the bus to Amalfi or one of the ferries to Amalfi and Positano. The Molo Concordia pier is located directly opposite the train station in Salerno, so is the easiest to reach. The Molo Manfredi pier is located a few kilometers from the station, so you will need to hire a taxi.

Naples is southern Italy's main rail hub.Most national trains arrive at or depart from Stazione Centrale.(Tel 081-554-31-88 :piazza Garibaldi )
or underneath the main station ,from stazione Garibaldi.Some services also stop at Mergellina station
National rail company trenitalia Tel 802021: runs regular services to Rome ( 2nd class euro 12 to euro 43.
High -speed private rail company Italo tel 06-07-08:
also runs daily services to Rome (2nd class euro 15 to 39,70 minutes ,up to 15 daily ).not all Italo Services stop at Rome Termini with many stopping at Roma Tiburtina instead
Circumvesuviana Tel 800 211 388 operates frequent train services Napoli to Sorrento ( euro 4,50, time 66 minutes)

FAQ - Amalfi Coast Buses
Where do I purchase bus tickets?
Bus tickets are sold at "tabaccherie" (cigarette shops), newspaper stands, and bars and caffés in all the towns along the Amalfi Coast. In Sorrento, there is a ticket booth at the Circumvesuviana station. Tickets CANNOT be purchased on board the bus.
How much does a ticket cost?
There are different types of tickets, prices of which vary according to the geographic area and duration of validity:

COSTIERASITA 24 hours: EUR 10 with unlimited rides on SITA SUD buses between: Agerola, Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Massa Lubrense, Meta di Sorrento, Minori, Positano, Piano di Sorrento, Praiano, Ravello, Salerno, Sant’Agnello, Scala, Sorrento, Tramonti, and Vietri sul Mare. You must validate your ticket on your first ride. Tickets are per person and cannot be used by other riders. You must fill in your name and date of birth in the spaces indicated on the ticket.
COSTIERASITA 24 hours: EUR 12 with unlimited rides on SITA SUD buses between the towns listed above and also valid for local buses running in the Comune di Positano via Mobility Amalfi Coast.
For routes to and from other towns and destinations in the region of Campania (Naples, Caserta, Benevento, and Avellino), travellers can use tickets issued by each single bus or transport company, or a combination ticket combining connections with more than one bus or transport company. Request detailed information and prices at the ticket office.
When you purchase your ticket, you can ask for information regarding which ticket is best suited to your travel plans.

Is there always seating on the bus?
Unfortunately, no. During the crowded summer months, the buses are often standing room only.
How will I know which stop to get off at?
The bus drivers announce the main stops; you can ask the driver to announce your stop when you board the bus.
Is there a bus route which runs along the entire length of the Amalfi Coast?
No, the two main routes are Sorrento - Positano - Amalfi and Amalfi - Salerno. So if you would like to ride ride between Positano and Salerno, you will need to change buses in Amalfi.
Is there an alternative public transportation to the bus?
There is no train route which runs along the Amalfi Coast, so the only public transportation by land is the bus. There are also ferry routes which run in the summer, stopping at Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno. Ferry tickets are more expensive than bus tickets, but ferries are a very pleasant way to travel the coast.
Where should I sit on the bus to enjoy the view?
From Sorrento south to Positano and Amalfi, sit on the right side of the bus to look over the Mediterranean. When traveling north, sit on the left side.
Can I take my child's stroller or pram on the bus?
Strollers and prams cannot be transported open on the bus; you will need to fold it and store it in the luggage compartment before boarding.
Is there space for luggage on the bus?
Yes, all buses have an ample storage compartment.
Is there a direct bus route from Naples to Positano?
Unfortunately, no. You will need to take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento, and then catch the bus to Positano.
The best option for a stress free arrival: book a private transfer.
Do buses run at night?
No, buses stop running at 10pm.

Positano is the ideal spot to reach the top-notch destination of Campania Region

The Amalfi Coast is located in Italy's Campania region, south of Naples. The main transportation hubs for the Amalfi Coast are Naples, Sorrento, and Salerno. The principal forms of public transport serving the Amalfi Coast are Sita coaches and, in the summer, ferries.

For those traveling from the North, the first town you will reach on the Amalfi Coast is Positano. Continuing along the twisting coastal Strada Statale 163 road, you will pass the towns of Praiano, Amalfi, Minori, Maiori, Cetara, and Vietri sul Mare. The only railway station on the Amalfi Coast is located in Vietri sul Mare, which is linked with the stations of Naples and Salerno. Unfortunately, there is no direct public transport between Naples and Positano.







Vietri Sul Mare



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