Although Capri leaves your breathless with its charm and beauty,Ischia( pronuced EES-kee-ah,with the stress on the first syllabe).,also called the Isola Verde (Green Island ) not as is often believed,because of its lush vegetation ,but for its typical green tuff-rock-takes time to cast its spell.In fact ,overnight stay is definitely not long enough for the island to get into your blood.

Ischia ,is well connected with the mainland in all season.The last boats leave for Naples and Pozzuoli at about 8 pm(though in the very high season there is a midnight sailing ),and you should allow plenty of time for getting to the port and buying a ticket.The last ferry leave fot Positano 6 pm.Ischia has three ports- Ischia Porto,Casamicciola,and Forio( hydrofoils only) -so you should choose your ferry or hydrofoils according to your destination.
Italians can bring cars to the island relatively freely
Ischia's bus network reaches all the major sites and beaches on one of its18 lines.The principal lines are CD and CS,circling the island in clockwise and counterclockwise directions.In the summer mounths runs continue until after midnight.The main bus terminus is in Ischia Porto at the start of Via Cosca,where buses run by company EAV
( TEL081-198-00-119 ) radiate out around the island.There are also convenient fermate(stops) at the two mai beaches Citara and Maronti with timetables displayed at the terminus.Tickets cost euros 1,90 for 90 minutes,euros 6 for 24 hours;note the conditionsa can get hot and crowdedat peack beach-visiting time.

Scooter rental.Behind the main bus stops,and with a branch also in Forio,this has a fleet of new scooters from euros 25-35 per day and cars from euro 40-50 Piazzale Trieste 9,Ischia Porto

Alilauro Company  Alilauro has roughl one hydrofoiul per hour travelling from Beverello ,Naples,to Ischia Porto ( euros 20,travel time 40 minutes ).
From May through September ,up to seven hydrofoils per day depart for Forio ( euros 20,travel time 50 minutes) tel.081-991888

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