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Capri was made famous as the vacation hideaway of Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius.In the 19th century,it was the haunt of Romantic Age aistocrats on their Grand Tour of Europe.Later it was briefly a refuge for Europe's artsy gay community:Oscar Wilde,D.H. Lawrence,and company hung out here back when being gay could land you in jail.. or worse.

This is th ebest see-everything-in-a-day plan, from Positano, Naples or Sorrento:Take an early hydrofil to Capri. ( from Positano,buy ticket at 8:45,ferry leaves around 9:00,from Sorrento ferry leaves around 8:30 and arrives around 8:50).As soon as you arrive on the island, at Marina Grande, you will find the various box offices of the different shipping companies: here you can buy the ticket for the island's tour by sea with the blue Grotto. A great way to get a full overview of Capri! You can choose the lap of the Full Island, which also passes through the Faraglioni or you can go to the Blue Grotto. We recommend the round trip! Boat Tour of Capri with a Blue Grotto Stop Euro 15
Boat tour around the Island of Capri with a stop at the Blue Grotto
Departure from Marina Grande passing by:"Scugnizzo" or welcome statue -Tiberius' leap -Coral Grotto -White Grotto -Natural arch -Villa Malaparte -Faraglioni -Bay of Marina Piccola -Siren's rock -Green Grotto - Punta Carena lighthouse.-Blue Grotto (entry to the cave is optional)
Kids under 5 are free
Not included
Entrance ticket to the Blue Grotto by rowboat.
Visits inside the Blue Grotto are managed by another company and tickets must be purchased separately for €12 (the Blue Grotto is a museum, so the ticket must be purchased at the entrance).Bear in mind that visits to the legendary sea cave (by rowing boat) terminate at 17.00hrs circa. The Island Tour last about two hours.

If you prefer instead of taking the boat back,catch a bus from the grotto to go Anacapri.In Anacapri, see the town, from there with the chairlift you can go up Mount Solaro and back ( or hike down)stroll out from the base.The journey to the summit of Capri's mountain takes just 12 minutes.

At this point, you can choose to stop for lunch in one of Anacapri's restaurants or have a quick snack and go straight to Villa San Michele, the home-museum of the Swedish writer Axel Munthe, where archaeological finds collected by the doctor around For the world and a terrace overlooking the infinity.After the relax in Piazzetta, you can take a stroll through Via Camerelle, the luxury shopping street where the most fashionable (and also fashion-makers) can look back on what is perhaps the road with the highest concentration of high fashion stores in the world. At the end of the road continue on Via Tragara until you reach the spectacular viewpoint overlooking the Faraglioni.Finally,ride the funicular from Capri town down to the harbor and laze on the free beach or wander the yacht harbor while waiting for your ferry back to Positano or Sorrento. 

Boat Tours from Positano to Capri 2022
Visit Capri from Positano with a private or group boat tour

Small-group boat tours from Positano to Capri
This is the most popular and least expensive type of tour. Small-group tours set sail from Spiaggia Grande in Positano via boats that can fit up to 20 passengers. The route to Capri passes the Li Galli Islets before circling the island to take in the Faraglioni before docking in Marina Grande. Once docked, passengers have a few hours of free time to sightsee on Capri before heading back to Positano in the late afternoon.

How to get to Monte Solaro

Mount Solaro 

Capri's most beautiful panorama? Our favorite view has to be that which can be seen from the summit of Monte Solaro, which, soaring 589 meters above sea level, is the highest and most panoramic point on the island. Here the view extends across the whole of the island of Capri, the surrounding Bay of Naples, the Amalfi Coast and as far as the distant mountains of Calabria.The easiest way to get to Monte Solaro is by chairlift. The journey to the summit of Capri's mountain takes just 12 minutes. Take the chairlift from Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri. The bus from Capri stops only few meters away from the entrance: get off when the driver calls out ''Anacapri" and climb up the steps which you'll find opposite the stop. If you decide to walk up to the summit, you can expect too take anything between an hour and an hour and a half.
Monte Solaro chairlift: opening times and prices
May/October: from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
March and April: from 09:30 a.m. to 4:30 pm
November/February: from 09.30 a.m to 3:30 p.m.
Tickets: 12 Euro return, 9 Euro single
Opening times and prices may vary. Please check them at info-points in Marina Grande or in Piazzetta.

cals often refer to Monte Solaro as the "Acchiappanuvole" or "cloud catcher" after the thick blanket of fog which forms around the summit, especially at dawn, when the thermal difference between the sea and the rock is accentuated. The warmer, damper sea air condenses in a dense mist on the ground, the temperature of which has notably diminished during the night. Where its path is obstructed, the vapors rise upwards generating a characteristic crown of clouds. This phenomenon also occurs in the evening, especially in the autumn. The wind clears away parts of cloud, randomly revealing various segments of the beautiful island landscape below.

The area of Cetrella is situated a short distance away from the peak of Monte Solaro, at an altitude of approximately 476 meters. It is thought that the name derives from the lemon scented herb, "erba cetra" which grows here, or from Venere Citerea, indeed, legend has it that this was once the site of a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess. In the sixteenth century the hermitage of Santa Maria a Cetrella was built, right on the cliff edge towering above Marina Piccola.

The hermitage of Cetrella is comprised of a small church, bell tower and sacristy with a low dome, which was added in the seventeenth century. Residence of friars belonging to the Franciscan and Dominican orders, who elected it as their spiritual retreat, the building conserves a number of cells, a large and well equipped kitchen, wash rooms and vegetable garden. In the Church of Santa Maria a Cetrella there is a chapel opposite which one accesses the rest of the complex. The back of the church opens out on to a terrace, part of which is protected by a wisteria covered pergola, furnished with benches and a long rustic wood table.
An image of St. Maria is conserved within the church. The icon was of particular importance to the sailors of Anacapri who, in the past, when the collection of coral took them especially far a field, used to climb up to the church of Cetrella in pilgrimage prior to departure.

Those  fortunate enough to visit the site in spring will be guided to the spot by the intense scent of the freesias grown in the garden next to the sacristy of the church which flower in at this time of year, filling the air with their pungent perfume.

When can I visit the Church of Cetrella?

The Church of Santa Maria a Cetrella is not always open to the public. So it's always a good idea to check whether it will be open with Capri's Tourist Information Office before you set off(+39 081 8370686).

History lover? The Villas of Tiberius
Take this trip to see the villas built on Capri by Emperor Tiberius.
The ever-extravagant Ancient Roman Emperor Tiberius didn't construct just one villa on the island of Capri. He built 12. Whilst the ruins of the emperor's residences can be found scattered all over the island, only 3 of the villas have survived the passage of time well enough to be recognizable as such: Villa Jovis, Villa Damecuta and Palazzo a Mare. This itinerary takes you to all three (with the occasional detour for a splash in the sea too).

First stop: Villa Jovis
The first stage of this itinerary leads to Villa Jovis the largest and best conserved of the 12 villas which Tiberius had built on the island, following his decision to retire from political life here.
How to get to Villa Jovis: from the Piazzetta walk along Via Longano and then Via Sopramonte. At the crossing, take Via Tiberio: don't worry, the steep uphill climb you see before you is a short one! After about 40 minutes, the path ends at the entrance to the ruins.
Time for a break?: just before you reach Villa Jovis, stop to visit the Astarita park, a series of terraces towering above the sea and shaded by ancient pine trees.Free entrance in the first Sunday of the month. (Closed: Tuesday).Opening & Hours: from June 1st to September 30th open every day from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (last entrance 6:15 pm) - October from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed on Tuesday) - November and December from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm (closed on Tuesday) . Closed in January and February and on December 25th. Entrance until 30 min. before closing time. Opening times and prices may vary. Please check them at info-points in Marina Grande or in Piazzetta.A detour for the return journey: Having visited Villa Jovis , as you make your way back towards the center of Capri, make the detour along Via Lo Capro to visit Villa Lysis, Villa Fersen, which was once the home of the French poet and writer Jacques d'Adelsward-Fersen.

Second stop: Villa Damecuta

Villa Damecuta, the second of Tiberius' best conserved villas is located in Anacapri.

To reach Anacapri take the little local bus from Capri town and get off at the first stop after Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri (by the cemetery). From here you'll need to catch one of the buses which run to the Grotta Azzurra, and stop just outside the Damecuta archeological park..Buses run every 20 minutes, purchase your ticket on board and tell the driver you want to get off at the closest stop to the villa.Villa Damecuta - useful information-Free entry

Opening hours vary: your best bet is to call the information office on the day you want to visit +39 081 8370686.Having visited Villa Damecuta you can make your way back to the center of Anacapri or make your way down to the Grotta Azzurra.From Damecuta to the Grotta Azzurra:On foot: 20 minutes along the little path which starts by Damecuta's panoramic terrace By bus: buses which stop at Damecuta continue all the way to the Grotta Azzurra.

Third stop: Bagni di Tiberio
Ready for more Roman ruins? Head to Bagni di Tiberio, the emperor's seaside villa in Marina Grande.

From Anacapri: take the bus to Marina Grande and get off at San Costanzo.From Capri: take the bus to San Costanzo - Marina Grande.
You can reach the ruins of Palazzo a Mare by way of a pleasant 30 minutes stroll (follow the signs to the Da Paolino restaurant and then continue along the path as far as the villa).
The path takes you past two football pitches after which, just when it seems the path has come to an end, you'll see the steps which lead down to the beach. Here you'll find the ruins of the villa, a bathing establishment with restaurant and a stretch of free beach.

If you don't fancy making the return journey on foot, you always can take the beach club's shuttle service to port of Marina Grande instead.

Phone Numbers for Ferry Companies

Ferry Companies

Caremar -Call center: Tel. +39 081 18966690

Snav (Gescab) -Call center: Tel. +39 081 4285555

NLG - Navigazione Libera del Golfo -Call center: Tel. +39 081 5520763

Info-Booking Sorrento: +39 081 8071812

Alilauro (Gescab) -Call center: Tel. +39 081 4972238

Customer service: Tel. +39 081 4972206

Aalicost (Gescab) -Call center: Tel. +39 081 7041921

Capitan Morgan -Napoli: Tel. +39 081 4972201 -Ischia: Tel. +39 081 985080

Lucibello Positano: Tel. +39 089 875032

Rumore Marittima -Ischia: Tel. +39 081 983636
Tourist Information Offices -Capri Piazza Umberto I -Tel. +39 081 8370686
Marina Grande -Banchina del Porto Tel. +39 081 8370634
Anacapri -Via G. Orlandi, 59 -Tel. +39 081 8371524

The ticket offices are in Marina Grande, in the Piazzetta, and at the bus terminals in Capri and Anacapri.
If you board the bus at other stops, you can purchase tickets on board for €2.50.
From May to September, long lines can form at the funicular and bus stops, so you may want to consider alternative routes.
Contacts for public transportation companies on Capri:
Piazza Umberto I, - Capri Tel. +39 081 8370420
Autobus ATC Via Acquaviva, 2 - Capri -Tel. +39 081 8370420
Autobus Staiano Via Filietto, 13 - Anacapri -Tel. +39 081 8372422

Marina Grande
With the exception of those travelling to the island by helicopter, all visitors coming to Capri arrive by boat, in Marina Grande.
Here, in the immediate proximity of the hydrofoil and ferry docks, you'll find a Tourist Office, the departure point for the tour of the island, and the port authority office, behind which there are the ticket offices for all the navigational companies, and the island's buses and funicular train.
Close to the port, Marina Grande's beach is the largest on the island and it is from here that the shuttle boat to Palazzo a Mare (Tiberius' seaside villa) and the Bagni di Tiberio beach club departs.
A taxi stand and the funicular train station are located to the left of the docks, as are a series of restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. From Piazza Vittoria, Via Cristoforo Colombo leads to the tourist harbor, where those sailing to Capri by private boat or yacht can moor.
Beaches in Marina Grande
Le Ondine (private lido)
Lo Smeraldo (private lido)
Bagni di Tiberio beach club (shuttle boat service from Marina Grande)

Marina Piccola
The bay where, they say, Ulysses was seduced by the sirens.
If you like the idea of spending a day on a beach with view of the Faraglioni, you'll love the pretty little bay of Marina Piccola: which lies directly opposite Capri's giant sea stacks.
On the sunny South side of the island, sheltered from the wind by a steep wall of rock, the bay is almost always warm. In fact, even in mid-winter you might easily spot the locals bathing in the sun (if not in the water!) here.

How to get to Marina Piccola
From the center of Capri you can reach Marina Piccola quickly and easily on foot, via the panoramic Via Krupp which starts just beneath the Gardens of Augustus, or via the old Via Mulo. If you don't want to walk, you can always catch a bus from the center of Capri instead.
In Marina Piccola, buses stop in the square close to the small Church of Sant'Andrea. A short flight of steps leads down to the beach and the Siren's rock where, legend has it, the Sirens seduced Ulysses.

Free beaches in Marina Piccola
There are two stretches of 'free' beach in Marina Piccola,both in the vicinity of the church: Marina di Mulo and Marina di Pennauro. To get the most of the sun, you'll need to arrive early in the day: the sun leaves the bay at around 4pm.

There are a number of private beach clubs in Marina Piccola:

Bagni Internazionali,Da Gioia,La Canzone del Mare,Torre Saracena

Free Beaches on Capri
Here are all the free public beaches on the island of Capri

Guide to all the free public beaches on Capri: where to find the most beautiful on the island!

On Capri, the beaches are few and tiny! The rocky cliffs which line the coast are one of the island's beauties, but leave little space for beaches...and those that are on the island are often stone ledges from which you can dive directly into the deep water.

Once you exclude the stretches of shore occupied by private beach clubs, there is very little space left where you can simply spread a towel. Here is our complete guide to the free public beaches on Capri, complete with some tips to enjoy your day on the water's edge to the max!

Free Public Beaches in Marina Grande
The free beach in Marina Grande is the easiest to reach by foot from the port, as it is located right behind the ferry ticket office. Though it is quite near the commercial port, the water is always clean. This beach is suitable for kids and you'll find it crowded with local families. It gets sun all day long.Otherwise, there is the small Palazzo a Mare beach, which can be reached by following the path which begins near the "Da Paolino" restaurant, in the upper part of Marina Grande. There is a small, protected cove and is again perfect for kids.

Free Public Beaches in Marina Piccola
In Marina Piccola , there are two small beaches near the Scoglio delle Sirene. They are always very crowded, as the water is particularly clear and there is a gorgeous view over the Faraglioni. These are also suitable for children. The only drawback: they are in shadow from mid-afternoon on. You can get to Marina Piccola using the Via Mulo stairs or by bus from the center of Capri.

kid-friendly -good for early risers accessible by stairs or bus

Gradola (near the Blue Grotto, Anacapri)
Gradola isn't a true beach, but rather a rocky stretch of coast where you can dive directly into the water (there are also ladders to get up and down). It is located near the Blue Grotto and the water is always very clean. You can get there using the Grotta Azzurra bus route which leaves from the center of Anacapri.Best for adults

The Punta Carena Lighthouse

If an islander wants to spend a day at the beach, they head to the Punta Carena lighthouse. Located at the far western edge of the island, this beach is at the foot of the largest lighthouse in Italy and is the only beach on Capri which gets sunlight until dusk. Here there are only rocky ledges and space is limited. If you don't want to lay your towel on hard rock, you can rent a sun chair inexpensively from Antonio (the same which makes the famous caponata !).

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