Positano - Amalfi Coast

I love this pic because I believe is a real portrait of our life, love, work and strength as shown through the smiling faces of young men securing the boats before the big storm https://www.instagram.com/positanophototour/

Positano, the "Pearl of the Amalfi Coast" 

Getting to the Amalfi Coast ( positano ) from airport of capodichino Naples 

You have  five  Options:

By Curreri bus to Sorrento, From the Capodichino Airport in Naples you can either catch a bus that takes you to sorrento - There are buses for Sorrento at the times:9,00,11,30 13,00 14,30 16,30,and 19,30  please note: schedule is subject to change without notice;please check for any changes Curreri bus stop outside Terminal 1 Tickets cost about €10


By Alibus bus to the center of Naples,Piazza Garibaldi 

Alibus bus stop outside Terminal 1 Tickets cost about €4 and can be purchased directly from the driver.


By Taxi  I recommend you to book a taxi from Positano ,they have new cars , professional taxi drivers and speak English.

 Radio Taxi Napoli


By Ferry  

From Naples Airport to Naples harbor (Beverello) Piazza Municipio : Shuttle service leaves every 10 minutes ( Alibus shuttle buses zip you from the airport to Naples

Central train station/Piazza Garibaldi in 10 minutes,and then head to the port/Piazza Municipio for ferry to Capri , Sorrento and Positano( buses run daily 6,30-24,00 ) 
From Naples harbor in Positano, with stops in Capri: Search times on site Alilauro e Caremar; trying to combine with arrival and departure. Definitely not an inexpensive solution, total costs may reach around 40/50 € per person.




High speed ferry  Napoli -Positano 1h 20m -Passengers must make check-in procedures at the boarding points from Molo Beverello dock 6 (in alternative please look the boat from dock 4 to 7) - directly on board HYDRA (POSITANOJET) from July 1st  to August 30th € 28.00


Due to the Covid-19 emergency, many routes have been suspended until 20 April, 2021.

By car   

If you're driving from the west, eastbound, Positano is the first town you'll come across on the Amalfi Coast.
The town is approximately a 75 minute drive away from Naples and twenty minutes away from Sorrento. You can also get to Positano by one of the buses run by the Sita coach company and, in the summer months, by boat.

Meeting point near the Restaurant C'era una Volta or Palazzo Marzoli Please rent a small car, 'cause the streets are very narrow a Positano.It is very difficult to park on the road.The price of parking in Positano is 8-9 EUR each hour.Casa Perla has an agreement with the parking Anna to EUR 30 per night.The car is withdrawn and returned near the house.if you are driving from Rome,take the A1 highway ( autostrada ) towards Naples.
Road signs with directions for the autostrada in Italy are green.Drive along A1 until it ends,ll the way until you find the toll booths in front of you,and then start following the directions for the A3 highway towards Salerno CAREFUL A3 and A30 are not the same,even though they both go to Salerno
If you take A30 the drive will be a bit more complicated.Be sure not to take A30( to take A30 you need to turn right on a ramp when you around Caserta .-don't do it,drive straight to the end of A1 and then follow the signs for A3 ).If you departing from Napkes,take the A3 highway from Naples towards Salerno.Once you are on the A3 highway exit Castellamare di Stabia ( Castellamare for short ) Don't miss the exit or you will arrive to Salerno.
Once you have exited the highway,follow the signs for Sorrento and Costiera Sorrentina SS163. When you get to Sorrento follow signs for Positano -Amalfi

 Circumvesuviana Train Info  - Napoli -Sorrento 

Inside the Station Piazza Garibaldi in Naples down below and take the Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento the trip takes one hour ( there are two types of tickets: the ticket for a single ride and the integrated ticket (TIC) also applies to bus and subway. If you plan to take other means of transport that, ask at the ticket office.
The travel time between Naples and Sorrento is 1 hour and 10 minutes. The trains marked with the initials DD does not stop at all stations and arrive in Sorrento in 50 minutes.
The ticket from Naples to Sorrento currently costs 3 Euros and 90.
Sorrento is the last stop on the line.
The Circumvesuviana of Naples Piazza Garibaldi station is located on the lower level of the station, below the one where the high-speed trains arrive.
The Sorrento trains generally depart from platform 3, to access this binary there are no escalators or elevators. Attention to the message on the display that announce the incoming train to be sure to take the train to Sorrento, or else you risk finding yourself in Sarno! ( single-track line ) At Sorrento station you will find instead the elevator. The station is at the center of Sorrento.be careful on the train in the trait Napoli - Pompei there may be pickpockets.Put the cell phone and the money in the pocket in front and keep the bag always close to you In Sorrento outside the circumvesuviana station you can catch a bus for Positano ( CHIESA NUOVA )-Amalfi, .You can buy bus tickets at most newsstand and, Tabacchi Stores, unless you already hold a valid ticket from your earlier trip.
( you can not buy the ticket on the sita bus, without a ticket you will takes a fine of 100 Euros) On the bus,ask the driver to stop you at Bar Internazionale in Positano.The first stop in Positano CHIESA NUOVA ( In Italiano.Per piacere,puo' farci scendere alla prima fermata di Positano Chiesa Nuova VICINO AL BAR NTERNAZIONALE)
Please,can you let us get off at the first stop in Positano Chiesa Nuova close internazionale bar )

Getting to Napoli from Sorrento by  Campania Express

2020 Campania Express Train Schedules Naples -.Sorrento
The Campania Express is a special tourist line that runs along the same route as the Circumvesuviana between Naples and Sorrento, but stops at just a few stations and takes about 30 minutes less than the commuter trains to complete the trip. These trains have guaranteed seating, air conditioning, and space to store baggage.


These trains run from mid-March to mid-October.Tickets for the Campania Express from Naples to Sorrento cost around EUR 8; from Naples to Pompei cost around EUR 6;from Sorrento to Pompeii around EUR 4.Tickets can be purchased online through the official EAV Campania website or at the Circumvesuviana ticket office 20 minutes before departure.The Circumvesuviana train station at Napoli Centrale in Piazza Garibaldi is on the lower level, below the platforms for the high-speed trains.The biggest difference between the regular Circumvesuviana trains and the Campania Express trains are that the latter are specifically designed for tourists and offer air conditioning, guaranteed seating, and luggage storage.


Shuttle bus service from Naples Capodichino Airport or Naples central train station and Rome Termini station,Fiumicino or Ciampino Airports to Positano or Praiano.You will enjoy the ride from Naples Airport or Central Train Station(Piazza Garibaldi) to your accommodation in Positano or Praiano.

Naples airport to POSITANO, shared transfer


 Getting to the Amalfi Coast from From  Rome Fiumicino Airport

From the airport, take the Leonardo Express shuttle train to the city's main Roma Termini railway station.You ca buy Train tickets from Rome to Naples in the station (at the ticket office or from the automatic dispensers) or online using   https://www.trenitalia.com/ 

Reach the Rome city centre easily from Fiumicino Airport using Trenitalia railway services.

From the railway station, located inside the airport area close to the arrival and departure terminals, you can reach the city centre using the numerous and frequent Trenitalia connections:

· The Leonardo express, non-stop service dedicated exclusively to airport passengers to/from Roma Termini with departures every 15 minutes and travel time of 32 minutes*

From the Rome Fiumicino airport you can also take a direct bus to Piazza Garibaldi in Naples https://fiumicinoexpress.rezdy.com/

An Alternative: Continue on to Salerno

The Freccia Rossa TAV trains go as far as Salerno. You can get off there and take the bus to Amalfi or one of the ferries to Amalfi and Positano. The Molo Concordia pier is located directly opposite the train station in Salerno, so is the easiest to reach. The Molo Manfredi pier is located a few kilometers from the station, so you will need to hire a taxi.Salerno's TI has bus,ferry,and train schedules

You have lost your baggages

Here below you find a list of useful numbers in case of baggage loss
+39 081 7896118  - +39 081 7896540  -199 280180  -+39 081 7896766 - + 39 081 7896765
lost&found@ghnapoli.it     infobag@as-airport.it

alternatively you can visit this website



A luggage service called Blu Porter'can meet you at your home if you need them .The cost for luggage euro 5 a piece -but you have to call them in advance ( tel +39 089 811496 ).

Autonomous Agency for Hospitality and Tourism City of Positano

Indirizzo: Via Guglielmo Marconi 288 84017 Positano (Sa) - Italy tel.: +39 089875067 Fax: +39 089875760 

E-Mail: info@aziendaturismopositano.it 


The Tourist Information Office in Positano is located on the main road 50 meters from Casa Perla on the left after pastry shop Collina


Luggage storage in Positano is located on the main road 60 meters from Casa Perla near the sita bus station

Positano walk

Piazza dei Mulini:This is as meeting point -as close to the beach as vehicles can get and the lower stop for the little red-and -white shuttle bus.Collina Bakery is a local hang-out ( in this small town,gossiping is a big pastime ) -older people tend to gather inside,while the younger crowd congregates on the wisteria-draped terrace across the street.
The terrace also shades the best granita ( lemon slush ) stand in town,where the family has been following the same secret recipe for generations.

Dip into the little yellow Church of the Holy Rosary ( by the road ),with a serene 12th-century interior.Up front to the right of the mainm altar ,find the delicately carved fragment of a Roman sarcophagus ( first century a.c.).Positano sits upon the site of a sprawiling Roman Villa.Now walking towards the beach, there are a variety of shops-many selling linen and ceramics .These shops boomed when tourists discovered Positano in the 1970.The beach-inspired Moda Positano faschion label was born as a break from the rigid dress code of the 50s.

Linen: Garments made of linen / especially women's dresses) are popular items in Positano.To find a good -quality piece that will last,look for Made i n Positano ( or at least Made in Italy) on the label,snd check the percentage of linen;60 percent or more is excellent quality.Three companies with top reputations and multiple outlets are Brunellla ,Pepito's and Vanilla di Laura De Martino( each has shops ( Via Pasitea and Via Cristoforo Colombo )

Vanilla Laura De Martino

Souvenir from Positano

You'll find everything you could possibly make with the Amalfi Coast's lemons in the "I Sapori di Positano" shop, in via Mulini 6. Purchase a pair of the most beautiful sandals in the world from Safari Sandali, in via della Tartana 2. Buy an authentic piece of Moda Positano in Maria Lampo's historic boutique, in via Pasitea 16.

Positano, like the legendary Sirens of Li Galli, never fails to seduce.
Seen from the sea, Positano is set in a dramatic vertical panorama of colors; the green of the Monti Lattari, the white, pink and yellow of the Mediterranean houses, the silvery grey of its pebble beaches and the blue of the sea.

The Ancient Romans built a number of sumptuous villas on the coast of Positano, the ruins of which can be seen in the vicinity of the Church dell'Assunta.

It is believed that the town, the original nucleus of which developed around a Benedictine abbey, was founded in the 9th century.
The town grew considerably following the arrival of inhabitants from Paestum, fleeing Saracen incursions.

After it was pillaged by Pisa in 1268, Positano increased its defenses, becoming similar to its powerful neighbor, Amalfi: with steep narrow roads, massive fortified walls, and a series of all-important watch towers.

The majolica tiled dome of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta can be seen from every corner of the town. A Byzantine inspired Icon of a black Madonna, dating back to the 18th century, is conserved inside the church.

The name Positano, is linked to a legend.
In ancient times, a Turkish boat became beached just off the shores of what has since come to be known as Positano.
Aboard the ship there was a painting of the Virgin Mary.
The captain heard the painting whisper "posa, posa" ('set me down, set me down') and, obediently, threw the image into the sea. Miraculously, the ship floated.
The locals built a Church on the spot where the painting washed ashore, interpreting the episode as a sign that the Virgin had chosen their town as resting place.

The fortunes of Positano, like its roads, have continually risen and fallen: in 1343 the town was destroyed by a terrible tsunami and in the 15th century it was the victim of continual attacks by Ottoman pirates.

In the 18th century, Positano enjoyed a period of prosperity as a major port and trading hub. Following the unification of Italy and the opening of a number of new commercial routes, the town's importance began to decline, so much so that, in just a few decades, it was reduced to little more than a humble fishing village, many of the inhabitants of which decided to emigrate to the United States.

A Museum Visit to Explore the History of Positano
Discover the ancient history of Positano by visiting the local Museo Archeologico Romano, recently inaugurated on the site where an ancient Roman villa once stood beneath the oratory of the Church of the SS. Maria Assunta in Piazza Flavio Gioia, 7. Visitors can admire fragments of the original architecture and decorations to learn about Positano's Roman history with the help of mulitmedia displays that explain more in depth the ruins. From 11 April to 31 October, the museum is open daily from 9AM to 8:30PM (and from 10AM to 4PM from 1 November to 10 April). You can also take a 30-minute guided tour for groups of up to 10. Tickets cost EUR15/person and only payment by credit or debit card is accepted.

Radical chic retreat
With the construction of the SS163 road, a much needed alternative to the mountain paths which had, until then, formed the only link between the Amalfi Coast and the rest of Italy, Positano once more began to flourish.

The new road united the town with Sorrento and Naples and allowed the first tourists to reach Positano.
These were no ordinary tourists, but rather an elite group of travelers, comprised of intellectuals, artists, and celebrities who, from the early 20th century onwards, elected Positano as their preferred holiday resort.

Escher, Steinbeck, Picasso, Klee, Zeffirelli and Liz Taylor: the list of artists who have fallen helplessly in love with the beauty of Positano's land and seascapes is endless.
"Willing prisoners of a legendary landscape" as they used to define themselves...

The beaches of Positano

Positano's pebbly and sandy main Beach,Spiaggia Grande ,is colerful with umbrellas as it stretches wide around thje cove.It's mostly private ( pay to enter,includes lounge chair , umbrella ,dressing room, and bathroom).the restaurant is extra.With a frees section near the middle ,close to where the boats take off.(Look for the pay showers).The nearest wc is beneath the steps to the right( as you face the water)

Fornillo Bech,a less -crowded option. on the pier there is a small street
( Via Positanedi d'America) near bar Covo dei Saraceni ( to the west) of themain beach ,is favored by residen,with more affordable chair/umbrella rentals.
It has a mellow Robinson Crusoe vibe,with a sturdySaracen tower Keeping watchg overhead.This beach has a few humble svack bars and lunch eateries.Note that its position,tucked back in the rocks,means it gets shade earlier in the day than the main beach

Positano Beach Club. Seafood, Fish Restaurant. Cocktail Bar. Amalfi Coast lifestyle

Morning: 10am – 1pm (every half an hour)

Afternoon: 3.45pm until late afternoon


The Arienzo beach is often called the 300 steps beach, because of the impressive number of steps visitors need to climb down to reach it. On their way down towards the sea, holidaymakers can catch glimpses of the gardens of some of the Amalfi Coast's most luxurious villas, including one which once belonged to Franco Zeffirellli. Facing the south west, the beach enjoys the sun longer than any other in Positano. The beach is divided into private and free areas.


BEACH ESTABLISHMENT   Positano's Laurito beach

5 minutes from Positano by boat
The boat leaves the pier from 10 am (look the red fish) and returns from 4 pm on…
The boat service is free of charge and reserved r restaurant and beach clients only.
Other beach services include: Bathrooms, Change room, Shower

Positano's Laurito beach is a tiny little beach, which can reached via a flight of steps which starts in the small square opposite Hotel San Pietro. The name of the beach derives from the many laurels growing in the area. Laurito is divided into a free beach and a private beach, the latter belonging to a small hotel, and has two casual beach restaurants.


Beach LIncanto -Beach la Scogliera

A romantic corner in the Positano beach, with a wonderful view of the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Li Galli.


Positano's Laurito beach

Town Hall
Via G.Marconi,111 tel +39 0898122511 fax +39 089811122
www.comune di Positano.it

Local Tourist Office of Positano
Via del Saracino,4
tel +39 089875067 Fax +39 089875760

Via G.Marconi,111 tel +39 089875011

Municipal Police
Square Mulini tel +39 089875277

Salerno tel 115

Red Cross
Viale Pasitea,246 tel +39 089 811912

Financial Police
Via G. Marconi tel +39 089 875129

Harbour Office
Via del Brigantino tel +39 089 875486

Post Office
Via G. Marconi,320 tel +39 089 875142

Deutsche Bank
Via C. Colombo,75 tel +39 089811066

Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Via dei Mulini,18/20 tel +39 089 812 2042

San Paolo Banco di Napoli
Square dei Mulini,18 tel +39 0898122367

Banca della Campania
Via C.Colombo,23/25 tel 07898123487

Farmacia Rizzo
Via Pasitea,22 tel +39 089875863

The weddings can be celebrated at the Town Hall of Positano from Monday to Saturday from 9,00 am to 23,00 pm
For information: +39 089 812 2527

Money Italy uses the euro currency:To convert prices in euros to dollars,add about 10 percent.The standard way for travelers to get euros is to withdraw money from ATMs ( which locals call a bancomat) using a debit or credit card,ideally with a Visa or MasterCard log.Before departing,call your bank or credit-card company:Confirm that your cards(s) will work overseas,ask about international transaction fees,and alert themthat you'll be making withdrawals in Europe.Also ask for the Pin number for your credit card in case it'll help you use Europe's chip-and PIN payament machines.
Dealing with CHIP AND PIN Much of Europe ( including Italy) is adopting a chip -and Pin system for credit cards,and some merchants rely on it exclusively.
European chip-and -Pin cards are embedded with an electronic chip,in addition to the magnetic stripe used on your American -style cards.This means that your credit(and debit)card might no work at payment machines,such at those at train and subway stations,toll roads,parking garages,luggage lockers and gas pumps.Major US banks are chip-and-signature cards,for which your signature (not your PIN) verifies your identity.In Europe,these cards should work for live transactions and at most payment machines,but probabily won't work for offline transactions such as at unattended gas pumps.If a payment machine won't take your card,look for a machine that takes cash or see if there's a cashier nearby who can manually process your transaction.Often the easiest solution is to pay for your purchases with cash you've withdrawn from an ATM using your debit card(Europe's ATMs still accept magnetic -stripe cards).

Dynamic Currency Conversion If merchants or hoteliers offer to convert your purchase price into dollars ( called dynamic currency conversion,or DCC),refuse this service.You'll pay more in fees for the expensive convenience of seeing your charge in dollars.
If an ATM offers to lock in or guarantee your conversion rate,choose proceded without conversion.Other prompts might state,You can be charged in dollars:Press YES for dollars,NO for Euros.Always choose the local currency.

Staying Connected To call Italy from the US or Canada:Dial 011-39 followed by the local number.( The 011 is your international access code and 39 is our Italy's country code.)
To call Italy from a European country Dial 00 -39 followed by the local number.( The 00 is Europe's international access code.)
To call within Italy Just dial the local number.
To call from Italy to another country dial 00 followedby the country code(for example,1 for the US or Canada),then the area code an number.If you're calling European contries whose phone numbers begin with 0 you'll usually omit that 0when you dial.
Tips  Traveling with a mobile phone-whether an American one that works in Italy,or an European one you buy when you arrive-is handy,but can be pricey.
Consider getting an international plan;most providers offer a global calling plan that cuts the per -minute cost of phone calls and texts,and a flat-fee data plan
Use Wi-Fi Most hotels,holiday houses and many cafe offer free Wi-Fi,and you'll likely also find it at tourist information offices,major museums,and public-transit hubs.
With Wi-Fi you can use your smartphone to make free or inexpensive domestind international calls by taking advantage of a calling app such as Skipe,FaceTime,or Google +Hangouts.
When you can't find Wwi-Fi,you can use your cellular network to connect yto the Internet, text,or make voice calls.
When you're done,avoid further charges by manually switching off data roaming or cellular data.
It's possible to stay connected without a mobile phone.To make cheap international calls from any phone (even your hotel-room phone),you can buy an international phone card in Italy.
These work with a scratch -to -reveral PIN code,allow you to call home to the US for pennies a minute,and also work for domestic calls.Calling from your hotel-room phonewithout using an international phone card is usually expensive.

Helpful Hints - Emercency Help
Help For English -speaking police help,dial 113
To summon an ambulance,call 118
If you have a minor illness,do as the locals do and go to a pharmacist for advice.Or ask at your hotel or to the owner of your holiday house for help-they'll know of the nearest medical and emergency services.
For the concerns,get advice from your hotelier or the owner of your vacation rental
For passaport problems,call the US Embassy ( in Rome,24-hour line-tel-06-46741) or US Consulates(Milan -tel.02-290-351,Florence-tel.055-266-951,Naples-tel.081-583-8111)or the Canadian Embassy(in Rome,tel.06-854-442-9119.

To replace a passport,you'll needd to go in person to an embassy or consulate.Canceland replace your credit and debit cards by calling these 24-hour US numbers collect:Visa - tel.303/967-1096 MasterCard-tel.636/722-7111,American Express -tel.336/393-111.In Italy,to make a collect call to the US,dial 800-172-444;press zero or stray on the line for an operator.File a police report either on the spot or within a day or two;you'll need it to submit an insurance claim for lost or stolen railpasses or electronics ,and it can help with replacing your passport or credit and debit cards.

Time Italy uses the 24-hour clock.It's the same through 12:00 noon,then keep going:13:00,14:00,and so on.Italy,like most of continental Europe,is six/nine hours ahead of the East/West Coasts of the US

Additional Resources
Tourist Information www.italia.it
Passports and Red Tape www.travel.state.gov
Aairplane Carry -on Restrictions www.tsa.gov
Cheap Flights www.kayak.com


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