Positano - Amalfi Coast


I love this pic because I believe is a real portrait of our life, love, work and strength as shown through the smiling faces Positano's youngsters securing the boats before the big storm.Positano like the legendary Sirens of Li Galli, never fails to seduce.Seen from the sea, Positano is set in a dramatic vertical panorama of colors; the green of the Monti Lattari, the white, pink and yellow of the Mediterranean houses, the silvery grey of its pebble beaches and the blue of the sea. 

Positano, the "Pearl of the Amalfi Coast" 

If your plane lands in Naples Capodichino Airport, you will need to travel first to the town of Sorrento to reach Positano.Naples International Airport Capodichino is located 7 Km northeast of the city centre ,is southern Italy's main airport.  tel.081-789.6111 for operator,tel.081-848-888-777  for info,handy info desk just outside baggage claim.www.gesac.it.

 How can I reach Positano from Naples Capodichino airport ?  you have two options:

By Curreri bus to Sorrento, which can be boarded directly outside Terminal 1 at the Naples airport. Tickets cost about EUR 10 and can be purchased directly from the driver.Please note: schedule is subject to change without notice;please check for any changes. 


By Alibus shuttle to the center of Naples, If you want to take the Circumvesuviana train to reach Sorrento, from Naples Capodichino Airport,you will need to travel first to the center Naples( Piazza Garibaldi). From the Capodichino Airport in Naples you can either catch a bus Alibus shuttle buses zip you from the airport to Naples Centrale train station/Piazza Garibaldi in 10 minutes ( buses run daily 6,30-24,00 ) Alibus bus stop outside Terminal 1 Tickets cost about € 5 and can be purchased directly from the driver.Once at the station, follow the signs for the Circumvesuviana train, the local train located beneath the main station.

Alibus ticket online


Inside the Station Piazza Garibaldi in Naples down below take the  Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento, the trip takes one hour. (There are two types of tickets: the ticket for a single ride and the integrated ticket (TIC) also applies to bus and subway. If you plan to take other means of transport t ask at the ticket office. The travel time between Naples and Sorrento is 1 hour and 10 minutes. The trains marked with the initials DD does not stop at all stations and arrive in Sorrento in 50 minutes. The ticket from Naples to Sorrento currently costs 4 Euros and 90. Sorrento is the last stop on the line. The Circumvesuviana of Naples Piazza Garibaldi station is located on the lower level of the station, below the one where the high-speed trains arrive. TI ( near track 23),and ATM (Banco di Napoli near track 24),a bookstore(La feltrinelli,near track 24),and baggage check( deposito bagagli,near track 5).Pay WC are down the stairs acrosss from track 13.Shops and eateries are concentrated in the under ground level ( IMPORTANT FOR YOU) The Sorrento trains generally depart from platform 3, to access this binary there are no escalators or elevators. Attention to the message on the display that announce the incoming train to be sure to take the train to Sorrento, or else you risk finding yourself in Sarno! ( it's a single train track, look at the display) At Sorrento station you will find instead the elevator. The station is at the center of Sorrento.Once you arrive at the Circumvesuviana station in Sorrento, you will need to take the Sita bus which runs between the Sorrentine peninsula and the Amalfi Coast.Sit on the right hand side of the bus to get the best view! Sita buses depart from in front of Sorrento's train station hourly ,(marked Amalfi via Positano).and travel stop first in Positano ( Chiesa Nuova) and then at all Amalfi Coast Towns(Positano in 50 minutes;Amalfi in another 50 minutes).To reach Ravello ( the hill town beyond Amalfi )or Salerno ( at the far end of the coast),you'll transfer in Amalfi; Ticket prices with trip lenght (one-way to Positano -euro 1,80,to Amalfi -euro 2,70).for Ravello,you'll change in Amalfi and pay an extra euro 1,20).All ridesare covered by the 24-hour Costiera Sita Sud pass ( euro 8) You can buy bus tickets at most newsstand and, Tabacchi Stores, unless you already hold a valid ticket from your earlier trip. Tickets CANNOT be purchased on board the bus. The road is a series of stomach-churning curves: take all the precautions necessary if you suffer from car sickness. Stop in Positano: I recommend the second stop - CHIESA NUOVA near the Bar Internazionale.In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al Bar Internazionale,a Positano? (Please,can you let us get off at Bar Internazionale ,in Positano?)

Keep in mind that the timetables of the sita buses is not respected due to road traffic and the narrow streets, especially on weekends In summer. So simply wait until it arrives, without checking the time. This also applies to the terminus, where the bus can arrive late due to the previous route.
A lot of  guests make the mistake on arrival in positano to get off the Sita bus at the SPONDA stop, this is actually a bit of a mistake given the stop is 1 km from Casa Perla. It is necessary to get off at the first stop in Positano / Chiesa Nuova near the Bar Internazionale

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Have you lost your baggage at Naples Capodichino airport?

Here below you find a list of useful numbers in case of baggage loss
+39 081 7896118  - +39 081 7896540  -199 280180  -+39 081 7896766 - + 39 081 7896765
lost&found@ghnapoli.it     infobag@as-airport.it    alternatively you can visit this website 


What is the Alibus shuttle service?

Alibus is a shuttle bus service that connects Naples Capodichino Airport with the city center.
This is the only way to get to downtown Naples from the airport with public transport.

The bus connects Naples Capodichino Airport with:

Piazza Garibaldi: This is where Napoli Centrale train station is located.

The Port of Naples: This is the departure terminal for hydrofoils and cruises and is also a short distance from the centrally located Piazza Municipio.

How much does the ticket cost for the Alibus from Naples Capodichino to Napoli Centrale (Naples Central) Trenitalia railway station in Piazza Garibaldi?

Tickets cost about EUR 5 and can be purchased online or directly from the driver

Where does the Curreri shuttle bus depart from Naples airport to Sorrento?

From Naples, the bus departs from the P1 parking area at the Capodichino International Airport. The bus arrives ten minutes before each scheduled departure.

How much does the ticket cost for the Curreri bus from Naples Capodichino to Sorrento?

Tickets for the airport shuttle bus from Naples to Sorrento cost EUR 10 euro and can be purchased in advance via the Curreri Bus website or directly on board from the driver.

Does the airport shuttle run every day?
Buses run daily, except for 25 December and 1 January.

Is luggage included in the price of the ticket?

Two pieces of luggage are included with the bus ticket: 1 large suitcase to store in the luggage compartment and one small bag or purse to bring on the bus. Each additional piece of luggage costs EUR 5. Pets are not allowed on board.

Does the bus make stops between the Naples Capodichino airport and Sorrento?

The bus also stops in Castellammare di Stabia. Vico Equense, Meta, Piano, and Sant'Agnello.

Where does the Curreri airport bus stop in Sorrento?

The Sorrento stop is at the Circumvesuviana station downtown.Piazza Giovanni Battista De Curtis

How long does it take to get from the Naples Capodichino airport to Sorrento with the Curreri bus?

The ride lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes, though can take longer when there is heavy traffic.

Where is the SITA bus stop in Sorrento?

The SITA bus stop in Sorrento is located at Piazza Giovanni Battista De Curtis, near the Circumvesuviana train station.if you arrive in Sorrento by train just cross the station square. The Eav buses and Curreri buses also depart from here.

What if I arrive at night or on days when the bus doesn't run?

If your flight arrives after the last bus departs, your only alternative is to reach Sorrento or Positano by private transfer or taxi. The average rate for transfers from Naples to Positano is between EUR150 and EUR 170 .We recommend booking a transfer rather than taking a taxi, as you will have a driver waiting to meet you when your flight lands.

How much does a sita bus ticket cost?

There are different types of tickets, prices of which vary according to the geographic area and duration of validity:   Sorrento - Positano ticket costs 2.20 euros

Where do I purchase sita bus tickets?

Bus tickets are sold at "tabaccherie" (cigarette shops), newspaper stands, and bars and caffés in all the towns along the Amalfi Coast. In Sorrento, there is a ticket booth at the Circumvesuviana station. Tickets CANNOT be purchased on board the bus.

Is there always seating on the sita bus?

Unfortunately, no. During the crowded summer months, the buses are often standing room only. We suggest trying to board the bus from the beginning of the line, if possible, to guarantee a seat.

How will I know which stop to get off at?

The bus drivers announce the main stops; you can ask the driver to announce your stop when you board the bus.

Where should I sit on the bus to enjoy the view?

From Sorrento south to Positano and Amalfi, sit on the right side of the bus to look over the Mediterranean. When traveling north, sit on the left side.

Can I take my child's stroller or pram on the bus?

Strollers and prams cannot be transported open on the bus; you will need to fold it and store it in the luggage compartment before boarding.

Is there space for luggage on the bus?

Yes, all buses have an ample storage compartment.

Do buses run at night?

No, buses stop running at 10pm.

Does Sorrento have an airport?

There is no Sorrento airport, the nearest airport to Sorrento is in Naples, located about 50 kilometers away. The Curreri Viaggi bus is the cheapest way to travel between the Naples Capodichino airport and Sorrento, as well as the most convenient since it is the only direct airport shuttle service.

Getting to Sorrento from Naples train station ( piazza Garibaldi )by Campania Express

Campania Express   Naples -.Sorrento . The Campania Express is a special tourist line that runs along the same route as the Circumvesuviana between Naples and Sorrento, but stops at just a few stations and takes about 30 minutes less than the commuter trains to complete the trip. These trains have guaranteed seating, air conditioning, and space to store baggage.These trains run from mid-March to mid-October.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the circumvesuviana train and the Campania Express train?

The biggest difference between the regular Circumvesuviana trains and the Campania Express trains are that the latter are specifically designed for tourists and offer air conditioning, guaranteed seating, and luggage storage

How much does the ticket cost for the Campania Expres from Naples train statrion to Sorrento?

Tickets for the Campania Express from Naples to Sorrento cost around EUR 8; from Naples to Pompei cost around EUR 6;from Sorrento to Pompeii around EUR 4.Tickets can be purchased online through the official EAV Campania website or at the Circumvesuviana ticket office 20 minutes before departure.The Circumvesuviana train station at Napoli Centrale in Piazza Garibaldi is on the lower level, below the platforms for the high-speed trains.

Where is the Campania Express station?

The Campania Express departs from the Circumvesuviana station on the lower level of the Naples Garibaldi (or Naples Centrale) station. This is the city's main train station where high-speed trains arrive and depart.

Do the Campania Express trains have disabled access?

The Naples Piazza Garibaldi (Centrale) train station is not accessible to wheelchairs and to reach the underground platforms you must descend the stairs on foot. The Naples Porta Nolana train station is accessible, and you must go to the EAV info desk for assistance. The Sorrento station is also accessible, but the Herculaneum and Pompeii stations are not.

The Best Option for a Stress-free Arrival!

By Taxi  I recommend you to book a taxi from Positano ,they have new cars , professional taxi drivers and speak English.  if you prefer a taxi driver from naples this is the website  

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a private transfer and a taxi?

Private transfers are booked ahead of time and have a fixed rate agreed upon in advance. You driver will wait for you at the meeting place (the arrivals gate at the airport, for example) holding a sign with your name and accompany you to the car or minivan. A taxi is booked on the spot and paid according to the meter or the fixed fare, and you must find a taxi yourself at a designated taxi stand.

What kinds of vehicles are used for private transfers?

Private transfers use more luxurious vehicles than taxis, usually Mercedes sedans and minivans. Vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each client.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

When you book, the driver ask you for your flight (or train) number so he can monitor your flight information for any delays and meet you at your arrival time. There is no surcharge for late arrivals.

Do the drivers speak English?
All drivers speak English and Italian 

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, all vehicles are equipped with mobile credit card machines for payment.

What are the payment and cancellation policies?

Your credit card information is taken as a guarantee to confirm your booking, but your card is not charged

 How can I reach Positano from Naples Capodichino airport by ferry?

If you want to take the ferry to reach Positano ,you will need to travel first to the From Naples Airport to Naples harbor Molo Beverello ( Piazza Municipio )

Molo Beverello ( Piazza Municipio ) From Naples Airport to Naples harbor (Beverello): Shuttle service leaves every 10 minutes.( buses run daily 6,30-24,00 )( Alibus bus stop outside Terminal 1 Tickets cost about € 5 and can be purchased directly from the driver.Alibus shuttle buses zip you from the airport to Naples Centrale train station/Piazza Garibaldi in 10 minutes,and then head to the port/Piazza Municipio for ferry to Capri , Sorrento and Positano.From Naples harbor in Positano, with stops in Capri: Search times on site Alilauro e Caremar; trying to combine with arrival and departure. Definitely not an inexpensive solution, total costs may reach around 40/50 € per person.

Some information for you: In case of rough seas,routes may be suspended. Information for the Disabled By law, all ferries must be handicapped accessible. However, we recommend contacting the ferry company before your travel date to confirm that the ferry is accessible and to request assistance during boarding and disembarking.Luggage can be transported on the ferry, but there is a surcharge of €2 per bag. Children under 3 travel free. There are discounts available for children under 12.Schedules and Seasonal Routes for Positano and Amalfi
Ferry routes for Positano, Amalfi, and Salerno run during the tourist season from the beginning of April through October. During the winter months, the only ferry routes active are those between Sorrento and Naples, and Naples or Sorrento and the islands of Capri and Ischia (departing from Naples for Ischia and Sorrento and from Sorrento for Capri). There is no Amalfi Coast ferry from Sorrento or ferry service between Positano and Capri in winter

Ferry companies
NLG - Navigazione Libera del Golfo Call center: Tel. +39 081 5520763 -Info-Booking Sorrento: +39 081 8071812     

  Lucibello  Positano: Tel. +39 089 875032                                     -CaremarCall center: Tel. +39 081 18966690 -

Snav (Gescab) Call center: Tel. +39 081 4285555 -      Alilauro (Gescab) Call center: Tel. +39 081 4972238 -Customer service: Tel. +39 081 4972206

Alicost (Gescab) Call center: Tel. +39 081 7041921-                        Travelmar Call center: Tel. +39 089 872950 

Capitan Morgan  Napoli: Tel. +39 081 4972201  Ischia: Tel. +39 328 4405206 -         Rumore Marittima Ischia: Tel. +39 081 983636

 https://shop.caremar.it/it/     https://www.travelmar.it/en/index   https://www.lucibello.it/en/positano-jet

High speed ferry  Napoli -Positano 1h 20m -Passengers must make check-in procedures at the boarding points from Molo Beverello dock 6 (in alternative please look the boat from dock 4 to 7) - directly on board HYDRA (POSITANOJET) from July 1st  to August 30th € 28.00 

 FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can I bring pets on the ferry?

You can bring small pets on board by paying a supplement; pets must be in a carrier or on a leash with a muzzle.

Can I carry luggage on the ferry?

Luggage can be transported on the ferry, but there is a surcharge of €2 per bag. There is a porter service at the Positano and Capri ports to help transport your luggage to hotels located above the port

Do I have to buy ferry tickets in advance?

We suggest you pre-purchase your tickets for travel during the months of July and August, on holiday weekends, and for routes to Capri. If you have purchased your tickets online, you will have to present your voucher at the ferry ticket window to receive your tickets. You can also purchase ferry tickets in advance directly at the port.

Can I take a shared bus from Naples to Positano to save money?

Naples -Positano and Praiano Shuttle Bus private service  with car  sharing system

Shuttle bus service from Naples Capodichino Airport or Naples central train station and Rome Termini station,Fiumicino or Ciampino Airports to Positano  .You will enjoy the ride from Naples Airport or Central Train Station(Piazza Garibaldi) to your accommodation in Positano 

.https://www.positanoshuttle.com/      http://www.easypickup.it/

How to Get the Amalfi Coast ( Positano ) from train station Salerno

 if your The Freccia Rossa high-speed train goes as far as Salerno. You have two option: can get off there and take the bus to Amalfi
(For Positano you need to change the bus in Amalfi ) or you take one of the ferries to Amalfi or Positano

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

where is the port of Salerno located?

In Salerno, there are two ports of departure: Piazza Concordia and Molo Manfredi. Piazza Concordia is directly across from the train station where the high speed trains arrive; Molo Manfredi is a few kilometers away

Can I carry luggage on the ferry?

Luggage can be transported on the ferry, but there is a surcharge of €2 per bag.Routes usually run from 1 April to 31 October.

Where can I store luggage near Salerno Train Station?
There are multiple locations in the Salerno Train Station area which can be booked through the Bounce  

( Luggage Storage Salerno Train Station 250 meters from Salerno Central Station 150 meters from tourist port Via Clemente Mauro,15 Salerno +39 340 85 23 444 + 39 089 28 58 729)

Is it safe to store your bags near Salerno Train Station?
Yes. Every bag is tagged with a security seal and comes with the $10,000 Bounce Guarantee. Every location is required to uphold tight security precautions. You may be asked to show ID and you will be required to use a credit card to book through Bounce in advance. With hundreds of thousands of bags stored, you can count on Bounce to handle your baggage near Salerno Train Station.

Are there storage lockers near Salerno Train Station?
Yes, there are storage lockers and many other luggage drop off points in the Salerno Train Station area. Bounce has multiple luggage storage locations nearby Salerno Train Station and in the broader Salerno area where you can conveniently store your luggage with full security and the $10,000 safekeeping guarantee.

What public transportation exists near Salerno Train Station?
Popular metro stations like Binario 7s or Metropolitana Salerno fermata Pastena can be used for nearby transit. When traveling within Salerno near Salerno Train Station, you may be close to some bus stations: Fermata Cstp, Bus Terminal, or Capolinea Sita. If traveling by train, Stazione Salerno Duomo - Via Vernieri, Stazione Metropolitana Arbostella, and Stazione Salerno Irno are nearest to Salerno Train Station.


where is the port of Amalfi located?

The Amalfi port for all ferry arrivals and departures is Molo Pennello in the town center..

  Getting to the Amalfi Coast from From  Rome Fiumicino Airport

From the railway station, located inside the airport area close to the arrival and departure terminals, you can reach the city centre ( Roma Termini)using the numerous and frequent connectionsof the Leonardo Express shuttle train.The Leonardo express, non-stop service dedicated exclusively to airport passengers to/from Roma Termini with departures every 15 minutes and travel time of 32 minutes* You ca buy Train tickets from Rome to Naples in the station (at the ticket office or from the automatic dispensers) or online using https://www.trenitalia.com/
From the Rome Fiumicino airport you can also take a direct bus to Piazza Garibaldi in Naples


Getting to Positano from sorrento train station by Ferry

You can either catch a bus to the port of sorrento outside the train station or a bus from piazza Tasso The Port of Sorrento,located a few tens of meters from the central Via Tasso, the port of Marina Piccola is one of the most important seaports in Campania. In spite of the small size, in fact, the numbers of passenger traffic are impressive. The reason is the proximity of Sorrento to Naples, Capri, Ischia and, of course, the other pearls of the Amalfi coast, above all Positano and Amalfi. The hydrofoils take 40 to 45 minutes to reach Positano.60 minutes by fast ferry. If your arrive by ferry to Sorrento from Naples or Capri to reach positano by bus you will need to arrive first Piazza Tasso in the middle of town. Standing on the promenade and facing town,you'll see a TI Kiosk and ticket windows for boats to Capri and Naples in the lower area to your left;the bus stop directly ahead;and the elevator up to town to the right,about a five -minute walk along the the base of the cliff( Euro 1,follow lift/ascensore signs.)The bus is the easiest option,since is takes you directly to Piazza Tasso in the middle of town. Just catch the next bus ( either the city bus,buy ticket before boarding at the nearby ticket window;or the private gray bus,buy ticket on board;either way,the ride cost Euro 1.20 and takes just a few minutes;buses generally depart a least every 20 minutes). If you ride the elevator up to the Villa Comunale city park,exit through th epark gate and bear left;PiazzaTasso is about four blocks away.

By car: Positano is approximately  1 hour and 15 minutes  drive away from Naples and  30 minutes away from Sorrento.

Is it worth getting to Positano by car?

Many people ask whether it's a good idea to drive on the Amalfi Coast.
The narrow coastal road is comprised of a series of hairpin bends directly above the sea, and you can expect to regularly come across large tourist coaches which, at the curves, can create difficulties.
On the other hand, the best way to explore the Amalfi Coast is by car, allowing you to stop off when and as many times as you choose to enjoy the views. If you are not used to driving on narrow roads, your best option is to use the public bus service or, if your budget allows it, a private car service with a driver.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions
Distances from Positano
From Positano to Amalfi: 30 minutes by car or 25 minutes by ferry
From Positano to Capri: 40 minutes by ferry (operating from April to October)
From Positano to Pompeii: 45 minutes by car
From Positano to Sorrento: 30 minutes by car or autobus
From Positano to Naples: 1 hour and 15 minutes by car
From Positano to Rome: 3 hours and 30 minutes by car

Is there free parking in Positano?

Another problem on the Amalfi Coast is the lack of sufficient parking space.
The towns are very steep, tumbling down the cliffside like life-sized Nativity scenes clinging to the mountainside, so finding parking space in such small, steep villages can be a serious problem.

There is no free parking in Positano, and most free street parking (marked by white and yellow painted lines) is reserved for residents.There are limited public parking spots along the lanes of the town (marked by blue painted lines), but they are almost never available in the summer. If you are lucky enough to find a spot along the street, the meter parking rate is EUR 5 /hour. 

Is there secure paid paid parking in Positano?

The only option that is always available is the paid parking lots .Casa Perla has an agreement with the parking Anna to   40 -50 euros  per night.Your car will be collected near the house and parked in a safe car park .When it is time for you to check out your car can will be delivered near the house  (This is a free service that casa perla offers its guests)


How much does parking in Positano cost per hour?

The price of parking in Positano is 10-.14  euros each hour.

When I arrive in Positano by car where do I stop?

Meeting point near Palazzo Marzoli just 5 meters from Casa Perla

Are car parks in Positano safe for cars?

The parking guys are all professionals and speak English

When I get Casa Perla can I personally bring the car to the Anna car park?

Yes.I recommend you unloading your before luggage and then go to the parking lot.The guys from the parking lot shall help you take you home. (This is a free service that casa perla offers its guests )

During my stay at Casa Perla can I take the car from the car park?

Yes, but upon arrival you must inform the parking boy. You should go to the parking lot and pick up the car

How far is the car park from  Casa Perla?

only 1 km along via Pasitea 

How far is the car park going down the stairs from Casa Perla? 

Next to the Casa perla there is the staircase ( via del Canovaccio ), you will arrive in 3 minutes

Can I take a tour by car starting from Positano?

Positano as an excellent starting point for your tours

There's one main reason why you should forget the car and opt for taking one of the convenient and inecpensive SITA buses that travel the route( usually once an 30 minutes) The wiew is much better,
thanks to the mighty elevation of bus seats,which allows you to drink in mountain -meets -sea vistas,often missed in a car because of the high way's low stone barrier.The best views can be yours if you sit on the sea side of the bus (on your right as you board the bus if you're sgtarting in Sorrento,on your left if you begin in Amalfi).The trip between Sorrento and Amalfi generally takes between 50 -60-minutes.Buses make regular stops at all the main estinations:happily,the driver will stop anywhere on the main route as long as you inform him your destinations,be it hotel or fork in the road,when boarding.Note that buses fill up in the summer months

The Amalfi Coastis laid out in the essiest possible way for touring beginning in Positano,proceding east along the coastilne for 19 km( 12 miles) to Amalfi.From here it's less than 7 km ( 4½ miles) farther Ravello ,the coast's other absolute must.if an overview of these threefabledis all you seek,threedays will suffice.To experience a few more of the area's splendors,you' ll need a minimum of five days.

Do not miss the tour around the i Galli island- nicknamed "The Birds" owing to their foirmation -these three(still private) islets off the Positano coast were famed as Homer's Home of the Sirens and,more recently,as Rudolf Nureyev's last residence

Some information you need to know about Statale 163-the Amalfi Drive,as we call it

The round reflecting mirrors set along major curves in the road intend to show if others are coming around a bend,but honk before narrow curves to let oncoming traffic know about you,and listen for honks from oncoming curves.
Buses and trucks will sometimes require you to back up;if there's a standoff,take it in stride,as it goes on all the time.At various points on the drive,stewards will top larger vehicles so that cars can pass.

Statale ( Highway) 163-the Amalfi Drive ,as we call it -was hewn from the lip of the Lattari Mountains and completedin 1852,varying from 50 feet to 400 feet above the bay.You can thank Ferdinand,the Bourbon King of the Two Sicilies,for commissioning it,and Luigi Gioardano for designing this seemingly improbable engineering feat.A thousand or so gorgeous vistas appear along these almost 40 km (25 miles),stretching from just outside Sorrento,Positano,Amalfi, Minori,Maiori, to Vietri.John Steinbeck once Joked that the Amalfi Drive is carefully designed to be a little narrower than two cars side by side- so the going can be a little tense:the slender two lanes hovering over the sheer drops sometimes seem impossible to maneuver by auto,let alone by buses and trucks. Many travelers arrive from Sorrento,just to the north,connecting to the coast through Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi on the Statale 145-the Strada del Nastro Azzurro( Blue Ribbon Road),whose nickname aptly describes its width and the color at your alternating right and left.
The white-Knuckle part,or,as some call it,the Via Smeraldo(Emerald Road), begins as the road connects back to Statale 163,threading through coastal ridges at Colli di S.Pietro,and continuing to wend its way around the Vallone di Positano.From ravine to ravine,Positano then begins to beckon out your window,appearing and disappearing like a flirtatious coquette.just east of Positano,at Punta San Pietro,Statale 163 again winds sharply around valleys,deep ravines,and precipices,affordind more stunning ridge views.Past Praiano,the Furore gorge is crossed by viaduct.From here on to Amalfi,the ridges soften just a bit.

if you think a road is just getting from here to there,the Amalfi Drive is not for you.So if you want to leapfrog over all the thrills,opt for the high mountain pass called the Valico di Chiunzi,easily reached via the A3 Naples-Salerno Autostrada from the exit at Angri

If you are driving from Rome,take the A1 highway ( autostrada ) towards Naples.Road signs with directions for the autostrada in Italy are green.Drive along A1 until it ends,ll the way until you find the toll booths in front of you,and then start following the directions for the A3 highway towards Salerno CAREFUL A3 and A30 are not the same,even though they both go to Salerno
If you take A30 the drive will be a bit more complicated.Be sure not to take A30( to take A30 you need to turn right on a ramp when you around Caserta .-don't do it,drive straight to the end of A1 and then follow the signs for A3 ).If you departing from Napkes,take the A3 highway from Naples towards Salerno.Once you are on the A3 highway exit Castellamare di Stabia ( Castellamare for short ) Don't miss the exit or you will arrive to Salerno.
Once you have exited the highway,follow the signs for Sorrento and Costiera Sorrentina SS163. When you get to Sorrento follow signs for Positano -Amalfi. If the curves begin to take their toll on your stomach or the heat of the summer sun is making driving uncomfortable, stop for a refreshing lemonade or crushed ice granita from one of the kiosks set up in the panoramic lay-bys along the road.

Positano the vertical city

Positano is a unique place in the world, a jewel of spontaneous architecture set on a rock overlooking the sea. Bunches of colored houses, sometimes with a cubic aspect are sprawling down steep hillsides descending to the beach, and are connected by tiny lanes and long stairways.Positano has been  a holiday destination since Roman times , as recently demonstrated by the discovery of some rooms of a Roman villa, located on the site of the Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta. Thanks to this discovery, the MAR, the Roman Archaeological Museum, was established, an  archaeological site that has become a museum  and is made up of the  rooms of the villa and two crypts . You can admire frescoes from the imperial era with bright and lively colours, a unique example of Roman wall decoration.

 Positano walk

How far is the center Positano going down the stairs from Casa Perla? 

 only 700 meters if you take the staircase ( Via Pastiniello) .You will arrive in 5 minutes

where can I take the local  bus from Casa Perla to reach the center of positano?

You can take the local bus (INTERNO -POSITANO) in the area Chiesa Nuova ( 130 meters away from the house ) at the corner of Via Pasitea near the tobacco shop. You have to get off at the last bus stop  ( Piazza dei Mulini )

How do I get back home from the center of Positano? ( Piazza dei Mulini)
to go back to home from Piazza dei mulini you must take the local bus marked INTERNO -POSITANO and get off at area chiesa nuova near tobacco shop or bar Internazionale.

Where can I take the Sita bus from Casa Perla to reach Amalfi?

You can take the Sita  bus in the area Chiesa Nuova ( 130 meters away from the house ), to accross side of the bar Internazionale

Buses operated, by the Sita bus company run between all the towns on the Amalfi Coast. Although buses are frequent, the volume of traffic on the SS163 often means they do not run according to schedule.

Be prepared for the crowds: in the summer, at peak times, you might not always find a seat on buses filled with holidaymakers heading to the sea. At times, you will have to ride standing up, and at times the driver will not allow additional passengers to board.
If you decide to travel by Sita bus, you will need to buy your tickets before boarding. Tickets can be purchased in the majority of bars and tobacconists on the Amalfi Coast and must be validated on the bus.
Tickets cannot be purchased on board.
Be aware thatbuses do not run at night and if you want to get from one town to another in the evening and do not have your own vehicle, you will have to take a taxi.

 Where can I take the Sita bus from Casa Perla to reach Sorrento?

You can take the Sita  bus in the area Chiesa Nuova ( 130 meters away from the house ) near bar Internazionale

In which neighborhood of Positano is it located Casa Perla?

 You are in the largest neighborhood of positano, ( CHIESA NUOVA).  In the chiesa nuova area you will find the Bar Internazionale,restaurant C'era una volta and the grottino azzurro restaurant .You will also find a tobaccoshop with ATM, a Grocery shop,supermarket, the townhall of positano, the post office with ATM, a fish shop, a fruit shop, a pastry shop ,Office of Financial police , Office of City Police, shop for telephone accessories and the local bus stop to center of positano at the corner of via pasitea near the tobacco shop.Via Pasitea starts from the Chiesa Nuova and ends in Piazza dei Mulini (1,5 Km).You will also find the sita bus stop for Sorrento and Amalfi

 FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Where do I buy a ticket for the local bus near Casa perla?

You can buy the ticket at the bar Internazionale or at the tobaccoshop. 

what is the difference between the local bus and the sita bus?

The local bus travels only within the municipality of Positano .The sita bus connects all the towns of the Amalfi coast starting from Sorrento to Salerno 

What is the name of the local bus company that travels around Positano?
​it's a single company and it's called Mobility Amalfi Coast

 Is it convenient to take the sita bus?
 Unfortunately, this region doesn’t have a lot of railway lines; therefore the most frequent and useful form of transport is by bus. However, given that the main road runs the length of the coast, it is very winding and narrow which often results in queues. Because of this, buses rarely arrive at the times indicated on a timetable. You could also consider travelling boat, motorboat or even by bike, if you are so inclined. It is better to avoid driving and leave your car in the car park.

How much does the sita bus ticket cost?

It is worth knowing that bus tickets cannot be purchased from drivers, you are instead required to buy them in advance from tobacconists, news kiosks and bars. Prices depend on the ticket travel duration (you stamp the ticket on entry to the bus):

COSTIERASITA 24 hours: EUR 10 with unlimited rides on SITA SUD buses between: Agerola, Amalfi, Atrani, Cetara, Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, Massa Lubrense, Meta di Sorrento, Minori, Positano, Piano di Sorrento, Praiano, Ravello, Salerno, Sant’Agnello, Scala, Sorrento, Tramonti, and Vietri Sul Mare. You must validate your ticket on your first ride. Tickets are per person and cannot be used by other riders. You must fill in your name and date of birth in the spaces indicated on the ticket.
*COSTIERASITA 24 hours: EUR 12 with unlimited rides on SITA SUD buses between the towns listed above and also valid for local buses running in the Comune di Positano via Mobility Amalfi Coast.
For routes to and from other towns and destinations in the region of Campania (Naples, Caserta, Benevento, and Avellino), travellers can use tickets issued by each single bus or transport company, or a combination ticket combining connections with more than one bus or transport company. Request detailed information and prices at the ticket office.
When you purchase your ticket, you can ask for information regarding which ticket is best suited to your travel plans.

Sorrento – Positano: 50 minuti.   ticket cost 2,30 euros

Positano – Amalfi: 40 minuti.       ticket cost 2,30 euros

Amalfi – Maiori: 20 minuti.

Maiori – Salerno: 60 minuti.

Amalfi – Bomerano: 40 minuti.

Amalfi – Ravello: 30 minuti.

Amalfi – Pontone: 20 minuti.


Club Music on the Rocks,literally carved into the rocks ,on Positano beacht, is since 40 years a point of reference for national and international clubbing. The Music on The Rocks is one of the leading clubs in Europe for location and music programming, and it is a destination for VIPs and personalities of Show Business and of Film and Entertainment.( open at 21:00mid April -Oct ,but music starts about 23:30,Euro 10-20 cover charge in summer includes a drink,go to dance or just check out the scene,Via Grotte dell'Incanto 51,tel +39 089 875 874)


La Brezza Net  Art  Cafe  Via del Brigantino 1  Phone +39.089.875811

How to reach the Brezza from Casa Perla?

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 13 minutes 1,1 Km,  alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home. Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini) ,and take the small road to the beach


La Zagara

For a more low-Key atmosphere,cafe'/pastry shop La Zagara hosts music nighttly in summer (start around 21:00,Via de Mulini 10,tel +39 089 875964 

 How to reach the cafe'/pastry shop la Zagara from Casa Perla?  

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 13 minutes 1,1 Km  alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home  Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini) and take the small road to the beach


L'alternativa - Cocktail Bar on the Pier Positano


Blu Bar Positano- Cocktail Bar on the Beach 


Bar/Pizzeria  il Pertuso Via Monsignor Vito Talamo 45, 84017, Positano+39 398 981 1682 (  at the top of town Monteperuso)

Bar Internazionale Via G. Marconi, 306, 84017 Positano SA  +39 089 875434


Bar il Canneto Via G. Marconi, 87, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 875881

Li Galli Bar Bistrò Via Cristoforo Colombo, 207, 84017 Positano SA +39 Telefono: 338 981 0710


Franco's bar

Franco's bar serve no food except for some gourmet nibbles: salted almonds, giant green olives, and some rather more-ish potato chips. Food just distracts from that view – and the quality of the liquids list. Franco’s Bar pays homage to a golden age of fine spirits, cocktails and bubbly, when cultured imbibers knew their Old Fashioned from their French 75, and what kind of glass they should be served in.Franco’s Bar operates on a first-come, first-served basis. They do not take reservations

 How to reach the Franco's bar  from Casa Perla?

  Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 13 minutes 1,1 Km  alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home  Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini) and after walking along via Cristoforo Colombo just 200 meters


Paradise Lounge Bar

On the beach of Positano -Positano Paradise Lounge Bar Via del Saracino 32 Corso Positano, 84017 Positano SA-phone-089 811461


Collina Positano Bakery  Bistrò Wine Bar cafe'/pastry shop ,Via Cristoforo Colombo, 1/3, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 875433


Le Tre Sorelle Wine Room Via Cristoforo Colombo, 19, 84017 Positano SA +39  089 811635


Tobacco shop Viale Pasitea, 148, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 812074

Tobacco shop Viale Pasitea, 325, 84017 Positano SA  Telefono: +39 089 811300 

Tobacco shop Via del Brigantino, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 875092 ( on the beach)

Tabaccheria Always Positano  Via C.Colombo  N.5, 84017 Positano (SA) +39 089 812133


Eating in Positano 

Do I have to book the restaurant?

It's always better to make reservations at restaurants, especially for lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday and to have a table with a view overlooking the coast or Mediterranean.

Are there vegetarian restaurants on Positano?
There are no restaurants in Positano exclusively dedicated to vegetarians, but all restaurants offer vegetarian dishes.

Is there wi-fi in Positano restaurants?

All restaurants in positano offer free wi-fi

When are restaurants open?

Restaurants generally serve lunch from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm, and dinner from 6:30 pm to 11.30 pm (or later in the summer).

Restaurant Il Grottino Azzurro   Via G. Marconi, 302/304, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant Grottino from Casa Perla?  walk from the house just 2 minutes


Restaurant  C'era Una Volta  Via G. Marconi, 127, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant from Casa Perla?    walk from the house just 1 minutes


Pizzeria-Restaurant "Da Costantino"Via Corvo, 107, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant da Costantino from Casa Perla?

 climbing stairs. just 5 minutes 300 meters.This restaurant has a free roundtripe shuttle service phone +39 089 875 738 


Restaurant Casa Mele Positano Via G. Marconi, 76, 84017 Positano SA

How to reach the restaurant Casa Mele from Casa Perla?

Tis restaurant has a free roundtripe shuttle service phone +39 089 811364


Ristorante  and Bar Adamo ed Eva The restaurant of the Eden Roc hotel is recognised as one of the most esteemed in Positano.

How to reach the restaurant Adamo ed Eva from Casa Perla? 

Along Via G. Marconi/SS163 (distance 2 km) walking or by sita bus


La Taverna del Leone Via Laurito, 43, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant la Taverna del Leone from Casa Perla? 

Along Via G. Marconi/SS163 (distance 4 km) by sita bus or local bus


Villa Gabrisa Restaurant & Wine Bar Viale Pasitea, 221, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant Villa Gabrisia from Casa Perla?

 Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 3 minutes 250 meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home ) In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante Villa Gabrisia? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurante Villa Gabrisia?


Restaurant “Mirage” Viale Pasitea, 165   089 812 2377  Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant Mirage from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 4 minutes 290 meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home )  In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante le Mirage ( Hotel Pasitea)? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant le Mirage ( Hotel Pasitea)?


Restaurant il Fornillo Viale Pasitea, 266, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 811954

How to reach the restaurante Il Fornillo  from Casa Perla?

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 5 minutes 300 meters.( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home )   In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante Il Fornillo? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant Il Fornillo?


Restaurant Saraceno d'Oro Viale Pasitea, 254, 84017 Positano SA

How to reach the restaurant Saraceno  from Casa Perla?

 Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 4 minutes 290 meters.( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home )   In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante Saraceno D'Oro? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant Saraceno D'Oro?

Restaurant Mediterraneo Positano, via Pasitea 236 | phone and fax: +39 0898122828

How to reach the restaurant Mediterraneo from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 5 minutes 300  meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home ) In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante lMediterraneo? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant le Mediterraneo?



From June 18th 2020 Next2 restaurant opens in the charming garden of the Palazzo Murat hotel  Via dei mulini, 23 Positano Info e   prenotazioni 0898123516 089875177

How to reach the restaurant Next2 from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 12 minutes 1,0 Km, alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home  Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini)


Restaurant Faro Bar il Capitano Viale Pasitea, 119, 84017 Positano SA

How to reach the restaurant  il Faro from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 7 minutes 450  meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home ) In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante  il Capitano ( Hotel Montemare )? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant il Capitano( Hotel Montemare)?


Restaurant  da Vincenzo Viale Pasitea, 172/178, 84017 Positano SA

How to reach the restaurant da Vincenzo from Casa Perla? 

 Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 7 minutes 460  meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home ) In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante al ristorante Da Vincenzo ? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant  Da Vincenzo?


Il Tridente Cocktail Bar & Restaurant Hotel Poseidon, Viale Pasitea, 140, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant il Tridente from Casa Perla?

 Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 9 minutes 600  meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home ) In Italian you would ask: Per piacere,puo' farci scendere al ristorante  il tridente ( Hotel Poseidon)? (Please,can you let us get off at restaurant il tridente ( Hotel Poseidon)?


Restaurant Caffe' Positano Viale Pasitea, 168/170, 84017 Positano SA  

How to reach the restaurant  Caffè Positano from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 7 minutes 465  meters  ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home )  This restaurant has a free roundtripe shuttle service phone +39 089 875082


Restaurant Valle dei Mulini   Via Vecchia, 5, 84017 Positano SA  Telefono: 089 875232 

How to reach the restaurant Valle dei Mulini from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 9 minutes 900  meters ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home ) Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini)

Restaurant Max  Piaza dei Mulini,22 Positano +39 089 875 056

How to reach the restaurant Max from Casa Perla? 

 Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 12 minutes 1,0 Km  alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home  Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini)


Restaurant Bruno   Via Cristoforo Colombo, 157, 84017 Positano SA 

How to reach the restaurant  Bruno from Casa Perla? 

Come down the stairs or walking along via Pasitea just 15 minutes 1,5 Km ( alternatively take the local bus stopping at the intersection of Via Pasitea just 2 minutes from home  Dropping at the last stop ( piazza dei Mulini) and after walking along via Cristoforo Colombo just 250 meters


Restaurant la Tagliata (Located in the upper area of Positano in the country of Montepertuso ) Via Tagliata n°32b 84017 - Positano (SA) Tel. +39 089 875 872.

How to reach the restaurant from Casa Perla?   

This restaurant has a free roundtripe shuttle service phone +39 089 875082.The free shuttle service stop is near the Palazzo Marzoli Resort just 10 meters from the Casa Perla.Usually the drivers stop  near the post office 30 meters from Casa Perla.Ask them when you make your reservation the stop near Paalazzo Marzoli Resort. ( alternatively take the local bus marked (Montepertuso-Nocelle) in the Chiesa Nuova area just two minutes from Casa Perla with a stopping between the bar internazionale and the restaurant Grottino Azzurro.


Restaurant Donna Rosa (Located in the upper area of Positano in the country of Montepertuso ) Via Montepertuso, 97/99, 84017 Positano SA
Telefono: 089 811806, they don't have a free shuttle service but I advise you when you book to ask for the shuttle service. Trust me , they will be picked up you for you so as not to lose the customer. ( alternatively take the local bus marked (Montepertuso-Nocelle) in the Chiesa Nuova area just two minutes from Casa Perla with a stopping between the bar internazionale and the restaurant Grottino Azzurro).


Restaurant il Ritrovo   (Located in the upper area of Positano in the country of Montepertuso )Via Capella, 3, 84017 Positano SA .This restaurant has a free roundtripe shuttle service phone +.39 089 812005.The free shuttle service stop is near the Palazzo Marzoli Resort just 10 meters from the Casa Perla.Usually the drivers stop  near the post office 30 meters from Casa Perla.Ask them when you make your reservation the stop near Paalazzo Marzoli Resort.( alternatively take the local bus marked (Montepertuso-Nocelle) in the Chiesa Nuova area just two minutes from Casa Perla with a stopping between the bar internazionale and the restaurant Grottino Azzurro).


Restaurant Rifugio dei Mele (Located in the upper area of Positano in the country of Nocelle ) Via Cercole 1, Nocelle  Positano, This restaurant has a free roundtripe shuttle service phone +.39 089 811429 .The free shuttle service stop is near the Palazzo Marzoli Resort, just 10 meters from the Casa Perla.Usually the drivers stop  near the post office 30 meters from Casa Perla.Ask them when you make your reservation the stop near Paalazzo Marzoli Resort.( alternatively take the local bus marked (Montepertuso-Nocelle) in the Chiesa Nuova area just two minutes from Casa Perla with a stopping between the bar internazionale and the restaurant Grottino Azzurro).The owner is the same as the grottino Azzurro restaurant and the Casa Mele restaurant in positano


Restaurant Santa Croce (Located in the upper area of Positano in the country of Nocelle ) Via Nocelle 19,Positano they don't have a free shuttle service.( alternatively take the local bus marked (Montepertuso-Nocelle) in the Chiesa Nuova area just two minutes from Casa Perla with a stopping between the bar internazionale and the restaurant Grottino Azzurro).


At the waterfront on the main beach (Marina grande) there are several restaurants with view terraces leave people satisfied and happy .

Restaurant Capricci,Delicatessen, Take Away, Pizzeria
Capricci in Positano offers you an enchanting little restaurant; on the ground floor and upstairs there are a delicious Delicatessen, a Take-Away, and a Pizzeria.Via Regina Giovanna, 12, 84017 Positano SA - 089 812145

On the beachfront of Positano 

Cambusa Restaurant  Via Amerigo Vespucci, 4, 84017 Positano SA


On the beachfront of Positano
Le Tre Sorelle is a meeting point for lovers of good food and good drinking, as well as a must for any self-respecting gourmet. The enchanting panorama is the background for the tasting of excellent food and the pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.Le Tre Sorelle Restaurant is located on the Spiaggia Grande, one of the most famous beaches of Positano.Via del Brigantino, 27/29 – 84017 Positano (SA) - Italy-Phone: +39 089 87 54 52

On the beachfront of Positano
Chez Black's favorite restaurant by star -The courtesy, reliability, and the exaltation of the flavours and aromas of Mediterranean dishes that will be served, make the Restaurant Chez Black an ideal place to have tasty delicious lunches and dinners that will make pleasant your staying in Positano.(Chez Black are the same owners of the Rada restaurant and the music on the rocks) Via del Brigantino, 19 Positano - Salerno -+39 089 875 036-+39 089 875 789 -info@chezblack.it


On the beachfront of Positano Rada restaurant Fly Bar 089 875874 Via Grotte dell'incanto, 51, 84017 Positano


On the beachfront of Positano
The Buca di Bacco Hotel, with its renowned restaurant, became the destination of choice for tourists visiting the Amalfi coast in the early ’50 during la Dolce Vita period. Via Rampa Teglia Buca di Bacco Tel: (+39) 089 875699- Fax: (+39) 089 875731 


On the beachfront of Positano
In the welcoming timeless setting of the Main Beach of Positano, according to its typical style that makes this town unique in the world, "La Pergola" Restaurant is very informal during the day while by night it offers you candlelit corners for romantic dinners.
Kindly served by a helpful staff, you can order your preferred traditional Italian course at anytime from brunch to dinner. Continuous service is available from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Tel: 089 812076 


On the beach of Positano
Wine-Dark House around the corner fom the beach
( and the TI ),fills a cute little piazzetta at the start of Saraceno alley.They serve good food ( 10 -20 euro pastas and secondi ).have a respect for wine ( several local wines -5 euro/glass)and are popular with Positano's youngsters for their long list of 6-7 euro sandwiches( closed Tue, Via del Saracino, 6/8, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 811925

 On the beachfront  of Positano
The restaurant of Covo dei Saraceni, with a enchanting view on the sea and Positano, offers a menu rooted in the traditional cuisine of Positano; the careful presentation of every dish will make your enogastronomic experience unforgettable.
Via Regina Giovanna, 5 84017 Positano (SA), Italy -Phone +39 089 87 54 00 Fax +39 089 87 58 78 -email: economato@covodeisaraceni.it -email: info@covodeisaraceni.it


Lo Guarracino restaurant overlooking the panoramic Torre Clavel and the sea , towards to Fornillo Beach,is a local favorite for its great views and good food at prices similar to the main beach restaurants (13-15 euro pizzas,15-25 euro homemade pasta with seafood,and secondi,daily 12:00-15:00 & 19:00-24:00,closed Nov -march.
lit by a full moon The piano bar ” Guarracino Night” is waiting for you every night in the beautiful summer season with live music , dancing and fun.
Via Positanesi d’America, 12 – 84017 – Positano (SA) -Tel. +39 089 875794 -info@loguarracinopositano.it


On the beach of Positano
Picnics:If a picnic dinner on your balcony or the beach sounds good, sunny Emilia Delicatessen grocery store can supply the ingredients:antipasto misto,pastas,home -cooked diskesand sandwiches made to order.She'll heat it up for you-Via dei Mulini 5,phone 089-875-489.


On the beach of Positano
Vini e Panini ,another small grocery,is a block from the beach a fews steps above the TI.Daniela,the fifth-generation owner,speaks English and happily makes sandwiches to order.Choose from the Caprese ( mozzarella and tomato),the Positano ( mozarella ,tomato,and prosciutto),or create you own ( 4-6euro each).Via del Saracino, 31, 84017 Positano SA Phone 089 875175

Dining on a Budget in Positano

Where can I eat out on the Amalfi Coast without spending a fortune? Here are our picks for enjoying a lunch or dinner out on a budget, but with quality food and authentic dishes. I live on this stretch of coast, so I know the best low-cost options: trattorias, pizzerias, bars, take-away delis, and snack bars of the beach.
If you are visiting Positano and suddenly get hungry, it's good to know where to stop for a bite without breaking the bank. You'll be surprised to find that there are a number of budget options that prepare delicious dishes based on the quality ingredients found along the coast, and that you can dine in one of the most beautiful (and notoriously expensive) places in the world without spending a fortune. That said, you need to know where to look to find these budget gems, so here are our tips for eating well while spending less in Positano!
If you'd like to sample something other than fish and seafood, where can you order meat dishes in Positano without busting your budget? Tickle your taste buds at La Tagliata in Montepertuso​,​ set in the hills at the top of town. There are dishes to suit every budget, but the quality is guaranteed no matter what you order. Everything is made in the kitchen with local ingredients, and there are farm animals and a vegetable garden just steps from the dining room. Be sure to take in the views over the Bay of Naples fro the dining room, and see if you can spot the Faraglioni off the coast of Capri.
Our suggestions: the menu includes a number of starters featuring vegetables, legumes, and cheeses. Pasta is made fresh each day, but the restaurant is famous for its excellent meat dishes from the classic fiorentina steak to grilled beef and pork so good that you will want to come back for more. The portions are all very generous.
Prices:​ from EUR 20 to 40. -Via Tagliata n°32b 84017 - Positano (SA) Tel. (+39) 089 875 872-Fax. (+39) 089 812 2020-Mail: info@latagliata.com


C'era Una Volta, in Positano, is a place of luminous beauty, set like a precious stone on the majestic Amalfi Coast.
The restaurant with seafood specialties is the ideal destination for those who love to explore the delicious dishes of typical Positano cuisine: not only fish, but also meat, cold cuts, cheeses, mozzarella and, of course, the delicious Neapolitan pizza are served for lunch and dinner. . Let yourself be welcomed by the typical Mediterranean warmth, and in the evening a free shuttle will be at your disposal to escort you to  restaurant.
 Via G. Marconi, 127, 84017 Positano SA telefono: 089 811930


Pizzeria-Restaurant "Da Costantino" a great expert in cooking, who always doing with passion and whose recipes because famous in the Amalfitanian Coast. He passed it to his the brothers and other persons of his Family.
 Via Corvo, 107, 84017 Positano SA -Telefono: 089 875738


Latteria: Lunch on the Go
This eatery on Via Pasitea is a great spot to sample traditional food from the coast, where you can eat well on a budget in Positano. They prepare everything from pasta dishes to meat and fish, as well as desserts and sandwiches. The dining room is tiny and spartan, but there are a few tables outside under the shade trees, and the ingredients are all excellent. If you're not sure where to stop for a bite, this local gem will win you over.
Our suggestions: eggplant parmesan, meatballs, lasagna. Don't miss the crema di caffè dessert.
Prices​: from EUR 7.
Casa e Bottega: Tradition and Innovation
This simple but elegant spot with its shabby chic white décor - Via Pasitea e near the parking garages, and is an ideal choice for sampling traditional specialties updated with an innovative twist, often inspired by American cuisine.
Our suggestions: soup with chickpeas, spelt, and cabbage; fried egg with burrata cheese and vegetables; involtini with goat cheese; and chicken tenders.They offer gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options made with fresh ingredients.
Casa e Bottega also serves late breakfast, including excellent pancakes. Everything is presented very creatively on artisan ceramic dishes made locally.Prices: ​from EUR 6 to 25.


Beach Bars: Bagni da Ferdinando
This family-run beach bar is located in Fornillo, one of the beaches in Positano that is set a bit outside the center of town. Here, you can relax under an umbrella and enjoy one of the classic dishes from the Amalfi Coast at a reasonable price. They offer interesting salads, delicious cold and hot appetizers, and first and second courses with fish, meat, or vegetables.
We suggest the lemon ravioli with ricotta and lobster, but the baked and grilled fish is also excellent.
This is one of the most inexpensive restaurants in Positano that combines quality and authenticity, and you can also order their pizza and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere far from the crowds in the center of town.
Price​: from EUR 6 to 17.

The beaches of Positano

Walking down from the Piazza Flavio Gioia leads down to the Spiaggia Grande ,or main beach pebbly and sandy ,bordered by an esplanade and some of Positano's best restaurant.Surrounded by the spectacular amphitheter of houses and villas that leapfrog up the hillsidesof above positano,this remains one of the most picturesque beaches in the world.Although it faces stiff competition from Spiaggia di Fornillo beach.Is colerful with umbrellas as it stretches wide around thje cove.It's mostly private ( pay to enter,includes lounge chair , umbrella ,dressing room, and bathroom).the restaurant is extra.With a frees section near the middle ,close to where the boats take off.(Look for the pay showers).The nearest wc is beneath the steps to the right( as you face the water)

On  Spiaggia grande or  main beach  you will find the following Restaurants / Bars / Beach Establishments

L'incanto -Beach la Scogliera Establishment/ Bar Restaurant  A romantic corner in the Positano beach, with a wonderful view of the Amalfi Coast and the islands of Li Galli.https://www.lincantopositano.com/

Fornillo Beach,a less -crowded option. on the pier there is a small street ( Via Positanesi d'America) just before the ferry tickets booths tomthe right of Spiaggia Grande ,a tiny road that is the loveliest seaside walkway on the entire coast,rises up and borders the cliffs leading to the Fornillo beach.
The road is named for the town's large number of 19th -century emigrants to the United States.Positano virtually survived during World War II Thanks to money and packages their descendants sent back home. Halfway up th epath lies the Torre Trasita( Trasita Tower ),the most distinctive of Positano's three coastline defense towers.Now a residence available for summer rental.The tower was used to spot pirate raids.( On the right side of the tower there is restaurant Lo Guarracino .In a supremely romantic setting,is about the most idyllic place to enjoy lemon pasta and a glass of vino as you watch the yachts come and go.the terrace vista takes in the cliffs, the sea,li Galli islands,Spiaggia di Fornillo,and Torre Clavel).  As you continue along the Via Positanesi d'America you'll pass a tiny inlet and an emerald cove before Fornillo beach comes into view.

On Fornillo beach you will find the following Restaurants / Bars / Beach Establishments

La Marinella  Establishment/ Bar Restaurant 5 minutes from the main beach .https://www.facebook.com/LaMarinellaPositano/  

F.lli Grassi  Establishment/ Bar Restaurant 5 minutes from the main beach https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g194863-d8298106-Reviews-F_lli_Grassi_Beach_Bar-Positano_Amalfi_Coast_Province_of_Salerno_Campania.html..

Da Ferdinando Establishment/ Bar Restaurant 5 minutes from the main beach ..https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g194863-d1738914-Reviews-Da_Ferdinando-Positano_Amalfi_Coast_Province_of_Salerno_Campania.html 

Pupetto Beach Club Restaurant  5 minutes from the main beach https://www.hotelpupetto.it/it/hotel-spiaggia-positano

Positano Beach Club. Seafood, Fish Restaurant. Cocktail Bar. Just 3 minutes from Positano by Free Shuttle Boat Service Morning: 10am – 1pm (every half an hour).Afternoon: 3.45pm until late afternoon.The boat service free of charge and reserved r restaurant and beach clients only.

The Arienzo beach is often called the 300 steps beach, because of the impressive number of steps visitors need to climb down to reach it. On their way down towards the sea, holidaymakers can catch glimpses of the gardens of some of the Amalfi Coast's most luxurious villas, including one which once belonged to Franco Zeffirellli. Facing the south west, the beach enjoys the sun longer than any other in Positano. The beach is divided into private and free areas.


Da Adolfo   Restaurant  Bar   Beach  Establishment   Positano's Laurito beach

5 minutes from Positano by boat.The boat leaves the pier from 10 am (look the red fish) and returns from 4 pm on…The boat service is free of charge and reserved r restaurant and beach clients only.Other beach services include: Bathrooms, Change room, Shower.Positano's Laurito beach is a tiny little beach, which can reached via a flight of steps which starts in the small square opposite Hotel San Pietro. The name of the beach derives from the many laurels growing in the area. Laurito is divided into a free beach and a private beach, the latter belonging to a small hotel, and has two casual beach restaurants.


Boat tours -Types of tours available: mini-cruises, small group tours, private tours/rubber dinghy or small boats rental

Renting a boat, whether for a private or group tour, you can spend a day in total privacy and relaxation, but also discover and admire those places that are difficult if not impossible to reach by land.You will discover enchanting caves with a thousand colours, beautiful beaches, bays, coves, and if you love diving, wonderful sea beds.
The tour will take you out to explore the most beautiful spots of the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Atrani, Praiano,Fiordo del Furore and the famous islands of the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia, Procida,Sorrento and Massalubrense.

How can I rent a boat? You can book your tour online or request a personalized estimate for a custom tour. Both need to be booked at least three days in advance online. For last minute requests in Positano try to contact the navigation company your choice for a tour or for a boat rental ,maybe you will be lucky for a reservation !!!! 

Why rent a boat with a skipper?
It is always better to rely on specialized sailor Man even if you are already familiar at sea.

What boats can I rent without a skipper or a boating license?
You can rent a rubber dinghy up to 40 hp or a small boat up to 8 hp.

What are the costs?

As for costs, it is important to know that prices vary based on several factors: the type of boat, the rental period, the itinerary and the extras required

Positano Boats  Spiaggia Grande, 84017 Positano SA  Telefono: 338 153 9207


L'uomo E Il Mare Via Positanesi D'America, 3, 84017 Positano SA Telefono: 089 811613


Lucibello Via Marina Grande, 84017 Positano SA  089 875032


Grassi Junior - Positano Boat Service - Mooring boat Via Regina Giovanna, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 811605


Positano Charter Via Fornillo, 40, 84017 Positano SA +39 089 875252


Jolly Boat Positano Via Tagliata 37, 84017 Positano (SA) (+39) 339 4169079  Chat on whatsapp


Luxury Boats Positano  Via dei Glicini, 15, 84017 Positano SA +39 339 119 8897


Valentine's Boat Rent Positano Via del Saracino, 51, 84017 Positano SA *39 338 131 9400


Boat Rental Positano "Blue Star Via Marina Grande, 84017 Positano SA +39  089 811888


Sea Living Via Regina Giovanna, 84017 Positano SA +39  331 865 5890


Positano has one handy self -service launderettes.Wash takes 40 minutes( about Euro 7/load wash and dry,includes soap; open daily 7:00 -24:00,shorter hours off-season).
The location on Google Maps . You can see it at these coordinates: 40°37'42.5"N 14°29'02.9"E across from the Hotel Villa Franca Positano,Via Pasitea.It has a streetfront presence with a large sign.(+39 089 811552) -Staff is helpful. They offer drop-off service

Yearlongthe Positano calendar is filled with festivities and rreligious feste.At Christmas,wreaths are fashioned from bougainvillea,and orchestra and choir concerts pop up all over town.The Nuovo Anno ( New Year) is greeted with a big town dance and fireworks on the main beach,as well as other events.In neighboring Montepertuso,a living creche is enacted.
Festa dell'Assunta (Feast of the Assumption).Positano's star event of the year and its main religious feast is held on August 15,with the painting of the Madonna with Child carried from the church to the sea,commemorated by evening fireworks and music on the main beach.

Mare,sole e Cultura ( Sea ,Sun, and Culture ).In early July Positano hosts national and international authors,who read from their books in the shady gardens of Palazzo Murat.Concerts take place on the main beach (spiaggia Grande )

Positano Premia la Danza Leonide Massine ( positano Prize for the Art of Dancing).The first week in September sees this celebration of dance that includes music concerts,dance performances,gallery exhibitions,panels,and an awards ceremony.


Sagra del pesce (Fish Festival).The last Saturday in September brings this fabulous fish festival on Fornillo beach,with live music and plenty of fish and seafood dishes to taste


Corso Internazionale di Musica da Camera ( International Chamber Music Festival ).As part of this July festival devoted to chamber music,free summer concerts are staged in atmospheric settings through out Positano and Sorrento.Lessons and master classes also take place.


A Museum Visit to Explore the History of Positano

Discover the ancient history of Positano by visiting the local Museo Archeologico Romano, recently inaugurated on the site where an ancient Roman villa once stood beneath the oratory of the Church of the SS. Maria Assunta in Piazza Flavio Gioia, 7. Visitors can admire fragments of the original architecture and decorations to learn about Positano's Roman history with the help of mulitmedia displays that explain more in depth the ruins. From 11 April to 31 October, the museum is open daily from 9AM to 8:30PM (and from 10AM to 4PM from 1 November to 10 April). You can also take a 30-minute guided tour for groups of up to 10. Tickets cost EUR15/person and only payment by credit or debit card is accepted.


Local Tourist Office of Positano Indirizzo: Via Guglielmo Marconi 288 

Town Hall -Via G.Marconi,111 tel +39 0898122511 fax +39 089811122 


Carabinieri/Police -Via G.Marconi,111 tel +39 089875011 

Municipal Police- Via G.Marconi,111  tel +39 089875277

Firemen -Salernotel 115 

 Red Cross-Viale Pasitea,246 tel +39 089 811912 

 Financial Police-Via G. Marconi tel +39 089 875129

Harbour Office-Via del Brigantino tel +39 089 875486 

 Post Office-Via G. Marconi,320 tel +39 089 875142

Deutsche Bank-Via C. Colombo,75 tel +39 089811066  

Monte dei Paschi di Siena-Via dei Mulini,18/20 tel +39 089 812 2042

San Paolo Banco di Napoli-Square dei Mulini,18 tel +39 0898122367

Banca della Campania-Via C.Colombo,23/25 tel 07898123487 

 Pharmacies-Farmacia Rizzo Via Pasitea,22 tel +39 089875863

The weddingscan be celebrated at the Town Hall of Positano from Monday to Saturday from 9,00 am to 23,00 pm
For information: +39 089 812 2527

HIKE The Path of the Gods  Difficulty:easy.The path is not suitable for those who suffer from vertigo
The Path of the Gods or in Italian,Sentiero degli Dei,is a spectacular walking trail on the Amalfi Coast that ends in Nocelle,,above Positano.The path is almost 5 miles and takes about 5 hours,but is an easy trail to hike.
the name of the footpath,The Path of the Gods,is an indication of the spectacular scenery enroute.Departure can be either from Bomerano or Nocelle taking care to have the sun behind you as you go to enjoy the view of the coast below.
Things you should know before beginning the hike:if you decide to start the path from nocelle follow these indications
Departur point: nocelle. From Casa Perla a few meters in zone Chiesa Nuova you can take the bus Marked (Montepertuso -Nocelle) ,the stop is located between the bar Internazionale and the restaurant Grottino Azzurro.If instead you decide to start the path from Bomerano (Agerola) you will need to travel first to the town of Amalfi and then reach Bomerano (Agerola ).
On the across side of the bar internazionale you can take the Sita bus for Amalfi. From Positano:Bus to Amalfi +bus Amalfi -Agerola ( 2 hrs) In Amalfi change the sita bus and take that for Agerola.Ask the driver to let you off at the Bomerano stop. From here, follow the road signs which will lead you to the start of the walk. Agerola is famous for its fiordilatte, a particular type of fresh mozzarella cheese.Before you start the walk, stop off in one of the town's salumeria, where you can purchase some focaccia and fior di latte to sustain you during the journey: the perfect ingredients for a pic-nic worthy of the gods!

Once you get to Nocelle ( if you have worked up an appetite, you can stop for a snack in a very affordable restaurant, Santa Croce.Or eat a sandwich in the local delicatessen) a local bus is available to go to Positano or you can go down the two thousand stairways to the neighborhood of arienzo in around 15-20 minutes..Arrived in Arienzo In the summer, it is well worth descending a further 300 steps to the Arienzo beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea.From Arienzo, following the SS163 for circa 1 kilometer, walkers soon reach the center of Positano.From Nocelle if you decide not to take the local bus and to walk along the street to Positano,once past the village of Nocelle, continue for circa 1 kilometer along the recently constructed carriageway, here you will find to the La Tagliata restaurant, where you can lunch or dinner on the terrace, enjoying delicious food and a marvelous view of the sea and the island of Capri.




The Valle delle Ferriere is a place unique to this world.Departure can be either from Pontone or AmalfI .Duration: 3 - 4 hrs Kilometers: 6 Difficulty: easy
(Pontone is near Ravello).The route commences in Pontone, a district of Scala, some 225 meters above sea level. To reach Pontone you can take the Sita bus which runs between Positano-Amalfi, Ravello and Scala.Not all buses stop at Pontone: but you can easily reach Pontone on foot from Ravello or from Scala by way of a pleasant little lane.From here it descends towards Amalfi through a wood of tall chestnut trees and rare, long leaved ferns. The ruins of the medieval foundries, which gave the valley its name, can still be seen.The valley is also known as the Vallone dei Mulini and, the final stage of the walk, takes visitors past a number of water powered mills which once the produced Amalfi's famous paper.
From the main piazza in Pontone, take the mule path which passes in front of the Trattoria Antico Borgo. Once past an archway, to the left youll come to a junction where, at Christmas time, locals stage an impressive nativity scene.Immediately after this, to the left, a long flight of steps lead down, towards Amalfi. Dont take these, but go towards the valley, descend a few steps and then take the short uphill path amidst the lemon trees and vineyards.At the top of the hill, a path leads to an aqueduct, beyond which, after a few meters, take the downwards path to the left.
Youll soon come to the first foundry and the Canneto stream. The path leads all the way down to Amalfi following the stream and passing by the ruins of the foundries and mills.Before commencing the descent, you can make a detour to reach the Riserva Integrale, a habitat for rare fauna and flora The only remaining examples of Woodwardia radicon, a fern which dates back to before the ice age, survive here thanks to the unique microclimate.
The detour is brief but demanding, and should be avoided if you are not particularly fit or are walking with small children.
In order to reach the Reserve, you will need to cross a stream, (a tree trunk serves as makeshift bridge) and follow the little uphill path which leads to the fences around the Reserve.At this stage, turn back and take the no.25 route which traces the left bank of the river and in circa 45 minutes leads to the center of Amalfi.Once in Amalfi, check out the Paper Museum where you can visit an old 13th century paper factory. The museum library houses more than 3.000 volumes highlighting the history of paper making, an ancient art for which Amalfi is renowned.


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I call the police?

For English Speaking police help,dial 113  To summon an ambulance,call 118
If you have a minor illness,do as the locals do and go to a pharmacist for advice.Or ask at your hotel or to the owner of your holiday house for help-they'll know of the nearest medical and emergency services.

How can I contact the embassy?

For passaport problems,call the US Embassy ( in Rome,24-hour line-tel-06-46741) -or US Consulates(Milan -tel.02-290-351 

Florence-tel.055-266-951,Naples-tel.081-583-8111)  or the Canadian Embassy(in Rome,tel.06-854-442-9119 ).

  Can I deposit by luggage at the port in Positano?
On the Pier there are private porters who also offer luggage deposit.A luggage service in Positano called Blu Porter'can meet you at your home if you need them .The cost for luggage euro  15 a piece -but you have to call them in advance ( tel +39 089 811496 ).

Where can I rent  a scooter in positano?



 When is the best time of the year to visit/positano, Italy?

The best months for visiting Positano are April/May and September/October, when the weather is mild enough to enjoy the town, nearby walks, and daytrips along the Italian coast.
Positano is pleasant during the summer (June, July, and August), but the heat makes day tripping to the surrounding coast more uncomfortable. It's better to arrange a boat tour, spend the days on the beach, and explore the town during the cooler evening hours.

When are restaurants open?
Restaurants generally serve lunch from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm, and dinner from 7:30 pm to 11.30 pm (or later in the summer). Keep in mind that local generally eat lunch at 1:30 pm and dinner at 9:00 pm.

Do you need to make reservations for restaurants?
It's always a good idea to make reservations at restaurants, especially those in the fine dining category. Reservations are required for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch, and for a table with a view at restaurants overlooking the coast or Mediterranean. Usually, a day or even a few hours in advance will suffice.

Are there vegetarian restaurants on the Amalfi Coast?
There are no restaurants on the Amalfi Coast exclusively dedicated to vegetarians, but all restaurants offer vegetarian dishes. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine uses meat sparingly and most of the world's most beloved vegetarian specialties come from Italy: pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, and eggplant parmesan.

Is there wifi on the Amalfi Coast?
Most of the hotels on the Amalfi Coast offer wifi either free,

When are shops open?
Shops (excluding grocery stores) usually open at 10:00 am and close at 1:30 pm for morning hours, then open again at 4:30 pm and remain open until 8:00 pm for the afternoon and evening. In the summer, many remain open until 10:00 pm.

  Which is the closest airport to positano, Italy?
There is no airport in positano. The closest airport to Positano Naples Capodichino Airport, and there are direct airport shuttle buses that run between the city and the airport. If you are travelling through Rome, you can take the express train to Naples (1h 10m), and from there take another train or car to reach positano in about an hour.

 What is the most convenient way to reach Sorrento from Naples?
From the Naples airport, the Curreri bus runs directly to Sorrento in about an hour. The local Circumvesuviana train between Naples and Sorrento departs from the main Piazza Garibaldi station in Naples. If you prefer to arrive by sea, take metro line 1 from the train station to the Beverello pier (about a five-minute walk from the metro stop), and catch a ferry for Sorrento.. For those arriving in Piazza Garibaldi with numerous or heavy bags, we recommend booking a private transfer by car.

 Ferry routes from Sorrento to Capri and Naples are active all year round. Fewer ferries run in the winter months and the hydrofoil to Naples only runs from Monday to Friday.
Ferry routes from Positano to Capri, Amalfi, Salerno, Ischia, and Procida run from April through October and there are more ferries routes to Capri during these months. You need to arrive at the positano port about 15 minutes before departure to board your ferry.

 Hand luggage is included in the ferry ticket price. Larger luggage can be transported on the ferry, but there is a surcharge of €2 per bag. There is a luggage deposit at the Positano, Capri, Sorrento and Salerno port.

Should I book a ferry ticket to Capri in advance?
You can usually purchase a ferry ticket directly at the port up to a few minutes before the departure time of the ferry. In July and August, as well as during the weekends from spring through fall, you should book in advance because ferries can fill up and you may not find availability at the last minute. We also suggest purchasing your return ticket to Capri in advance online or in the various box offices located on the Positano pier

How much does it cost to take a taxi from Capri to Anacapri?
The taxi fare from Capri to Anacapri is around EUR 20; taxis can transport up to 7 passengers.

How to reach the center of Capri from the port?

You can reach the center of Capri town in just minutes from the port via public transportation or taxi.

The funicolare station is located just opposite the ferry dock in Marina Grande; funiculars transport passengers between the port and the Piazzetta in Capri town quickly and cheaply. Otherwise, you can also catch a public bus from Marina Grande; buses leave about every 15 minutes and stop in the center Capri about 10 minutes later. For a more comfortable trip with no wait, you can also catch a traditional open-air taxi, but the trip between the port and town costs around EUR 15.

Dining on a Budget in Capri
For a quick take-away lunch:
Capri Pasta, a small rotisserie near the Piazzetta where you can get ready-made dishes to eat on the beach or anywhere you like.

For a light fish-based lunch: Pescheria Le Botteghe, a fishmonger's that at lunchtime turns into a small bistro offering first courses and other tasty choices.

To try traditional dishes without spending too much: Verginiello, a historic restaurant that's very popular with locals and has a sea view.

For a "VIP" dinner: book at Da Aurora and there's an excellent chance you might see some well-known faces among the tables.

For a dinner "under the lemon trees": Da Paolino, a restaurant famous for its enchanting atmosphere of tables under a lemon arbor.

How do I get to the Blue Grotto?
With a tour boat: at Marina Grande's port, you can purchase tickets for tours of the island by sea or a roundtrip ticket to the Blue Grotto at the ticket offices of the Motoscafisti and Laser Capri charter companies. If you purchase the "Island Tour by Sea + Stop at the Grotto", the tour boat will take you on a complete tour of the entire island including a stop at the entrance to the Blue Grotto. Here you will have to disembark from your tour boat and take one of the small rowboats to enter the cave itself.

With a private boat: if you are visiting Capri island with your own private boat and want to tour the Blue Grotto, you can anchor at the buoys near the cave and signal to one of the waiting rowboats to be picked up. You can also hire a private gozzo with skipper from Marina Grande. These traditional island boats carry a maximum of seven passengers (thought there are larger versions available, as well) and the rate for a two hour tour is from EUR 150.

Walking or by bus: from the center of Anacapri, first walk down Via Pagliaro then down Via Grotta Azzurra (3.5 km). There is also a public bus which leaves from Piazza della Pace. From the final stop, take the stairs down to the seaside where there is the queue to the rowboats. Along the stairs, there is a small concession stand (open only in summer) which sells drinks, snacks, and souvenirs.

How can I find out in advance if the Blue Grotto is open or closed?
Unfortunately, the weather forecast can only give an indication as to whether the grotto will be open or closed. For a final decision, you have to wait until the skippers arrive at the cave entrance at 9 am to verify the weather and sea conditions and check that the cave can be entered safely. For updated information about whether the Blue Grotto is open or closed for the day, check this page.

Capri or Ischia?
Capri is just 10 square kilometers while Ischia is 46. Capri has two towns, Ischia has six. This already gives you an idea of the most striking difference between the two islands.

Since it's such a small island, many travelers think that Capri can be visited in one day. Though you can make it a day trip, keep in mind that Capri is overrun with tourists in high season, making it hard to get around with overtaxed public transportation. If you are planning a quick day trip, you run the risk of getting caught up in the crowds and not taking in the unique beauty and charm of the island.

Ischia is too large to visit in one day, unless you simply take a taxi ride around the coast. You certainly won't be able to take advantage of its biggest draw if you only spend a day on the island: its therapeutic hot springs.On Capri, you cannot bring vehicles on the island and the village centers are pedestrian only. On Ischia, you can bring your car to move around. Unfortunately, this means that there is more urban sprawl on Ischia.

  How do I get around the Amalfi Coast?
The towns along the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento are all along the Sita bus route, but the buses are often late and crowded. From April to October, there are also ferry routes between Positano, Amalfi, Maiori, and other towns along the coast. We do not suggest driving, due to the heavy traffic and limited parking. If you are traveling as a couple, a rental scooter is a convenient way to get around (but only if you have experience driving a scooter).

Can I get to the Amalfi Coast by car? Is there parking?
Highway 163 that runs between all the towns and villages along the coast is one of the most panoramic and photographed roads in the world.
You can drive along the Amalfi Coast, but parking is limited and expensive (€10-12/hour).

How do I get from to Amalfi from Positano?   Or Positano -Amalfi? 

The local Sita bus runs every 30 minutes between Positano and Amalfi. The trip takes about 40 minutes. There are also convenient ferry routes from April to October that arrive and depart from the Spiaggia Grande in Positano.

A few meters from casa perla on the opposite side of the bar internazionale yoiu can take the sita bus to Amalfi.

where do I buy the Sita bus ticket to go to Amalfi?

Buy the ticket at the bar Internazionale or at the tobacco shop

What to see in Amalfi

In the half day you have to explore the highlights in Amalfi, we suggest you begin with the Duomo di Sant'Andrea, making sure to take in the excellent museum and dazzling Cloister of Paradise. Afterwards, lose yourself in the warren of narrow lanes in Amalfi's historic center, strolling uphill until you reach the Rione Vagliendola neighborhood, home to the Paper Museum dedicated to Amalfi's long tradition of papermaking. Otherwise, you can relax and sunbathe at one of Amalfi's beaches 

What are the main things to see and do on the Amalfi Coast?
The main towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast are Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Hikers should also explore the scenic Path of the Gods, which gets its name from the heavenly views from the clifftop it skirts.
Another experience you shouldn't miss is a boat tour along the coastline.

How long does it take to see the Amalfi Coast?
It takes at least a day to visit Amalfi and Positano, but with an organized tour, you can fit in Amalfi, Ravello, and Positano. To visit each town at a slower pace, hike the Path of the Gods, take a boat tour, and enjoy the area's beaches, you need 4-7 days.

Dining on the Amalfi Coast
We suggest you reserve a table in advance for lunch in Positano or Amalfi, especially during the weekend. Local specialties that you should search out focus on fish and seafood dishes (be sure to try the "colatura di alici di Cetara"!), many of which are traditional favorites updated with a fusion or gourmet twist. Those who don't enjoy fish will easily find salads, ravioli and gnocchi, and vegetarian options.

How do I get to Amalfi and Ravello from Positano?

A few meters from casa perla on the opposite side of the bar internazionale yoiu can take the sita bus to Amalfi.In Amalfi, change the sita bus and take the one for Ravello

where do I buy the Sita bus ticket to go to Amalfi?

Buy the ticket at the bar Internazionale or at the tobacco shop

How far is Amalfi from positano?

Amalfi: it's located 16 km away from Positano

How far is Ravello from Amalfi?

Ravello:it's located 7 km away from amalfi

What can I visit in Ravello?

Ravello Cathedral,Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium,Villa Rufolo,Villa Cimbrone

The Most Spectacular Views in Ravello
Belvedere della Principessa di Piemonte,The Terrace of Infinity at Villa Cimbrone,The terraces at Villa Rufolo,

 where can I eat in Ravello?

Gourmet dinner: Ristorante Rossellinis in Palazzo Avino, an elegant and romantic restaurant with Michelin-starred dishes served overlooking the Amalfi Coast.

Lunch in the town center: Ristorante Vittoria, an understated restaurant with stone vaults and vintage photos decorating the walls. There is also a small garden for outdoor dining.

For pizza: Da Mimì, a traditional pizzeria set directly above the water with a large outdoor dining space where you can enjoy an authentic pizza Napoletana topped with area specialties such as anchovies from Cetara or zucchini alla Nerano inspired by the famous spaghetti dish.

Villa Rufolo: hours, tickets and prices
Open every day from 9 AM to 7 PM
Tickets: EUR 6 for adults, EUR 5 for kids 5-12 and visitors over 65. Children under 5 free of charge.

Villa Cimbrone: hours, tickets and prices
Open: every day from 9 AM to 7 PM
Tickets: EUR 7

How do I get to Atrani from Amalfi?

Explore the smallest village in Italy just steps from the bustling town of Amalfi.The tiny village of Atrani is attached to the bustling center of Amalfi, just a kilometer further.

What can I eat in Atrani? 

Fresh fish is a major protagonist in almost all of Atrani's gastronomic delicacies, though there are dishes which are not fish-based like sarchiapone, a marrow stuffed with meat and cheese cooked in tomato sauce, the custard-and-cherry-filled pasticciotto, and the wickedly sweet cassata atranese. Ristorante Savò in the town's tiny main square offers gourmet dishes that are striking both to the eye and palate. For simpler recipes, A' Paranza is run by a family of former fishermen. Other tasty treats:Scialatielli alle vongole veraci,Colatura di alici.Involtini di mozzarella in foglia di limone,Delizia al limoncello

How far is Conca dei Marini from positano?

Conca dei Marini is located between Amalfi and Positano, about 10 kilometers from both of them. If you are driving from Sorrento, pass Positano and then continue towards Praiano along the coastal highway 163. You can also take the winding inland road through the mountains from Castellammare di Stabia, pass Agerola on the Lattari Mountains, and arrive directly at Conca de' Marini. If you are arriving by public transportation, take the Sita bus, Sorrento-Positano Amalfi line.

Conca dei Marini's most precious treasure is its Grotta dello Smeraldo, or Emerald Grotto, a sea cave that was discovered in 1932 by a local fisherman, which can be reached by boat from Amalfi or via the flight of steps or the lift from the main "Amalfitana" highway. This 30 meter high karst cave is famous for the color of its interior, bathed in a shimmering emerald green every time the sunlight penetrates through the underwater opening.



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