How to get to Praiano
Praiano is located half way between Positano and Amalfi ( 7 km from Positano )

If you are traveling by car, head for Positano and then continue towards Praiano along the SS163. Those traveling by public transport should take the Sita bus running between Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi.

its beauty rises at the base of Monte Tre Pizzi and reaches up to Marina di Praia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Made of pebbles and set in a high cliff, it is kissed by the sun only in the central hours of the day, but in the evening it comes back to life thanks also to African, one of the coolest discos on the Amalfi Coast, a place frequented by many famous people including , in 1962 during his holidays, even by Jaqueline Kennedy wife of the President of the United States John Fitzerald Kennedy. One of the most romantic walks in the area starts from this beach and goes around the cliff just below the Torre a Mare, the ancient Saracen watchtower.

The town has a number of important houses of worship, including the Church of San Luca Evangelista, famous for its splendid majolica floor, the Church of San Gennaro, the Church of Santa Maria a Castro and the Convent of San Domenico, this last stands in the high Campo valley, from where one of the most breathtaking views in the area can be enjoyed.Reflecting the characteristic "verticality" of the towns on the Amalfi Coast, the higher part of the town is referred to as 'Praiano Vettica' and the lower part, closest to the sea, as 'Praiano Inferiore'

Vettica Maggiore More priceless than any landscape painting in the National Gallery is the panorama you get from Vettica's seaside piazza and it's San Gennaro church

Marina di Praia Wedged between two soaring cliffs is this adorable harbor,crammed with dollhouse-issue chapel,restaurantand beach

TOURIST OFFICE  tel +39 089 874 557    Via G.Capriglione 116 b ( 9:00 am -1:00 pm & 4:00 -8.00 pm ).Can provide maps and information for those wanting to hit  the area's hiking trails

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